Iconic darts ref Russ Bray admits he ‘wants to sing with crowd’ at slow matches

Legendary darts referee Russ Bray has admitted he has to concentrate extra hard during slow matches – so he doesn't start singing along with the crowd.

Bray’s distinctive gravelly voice has been a familiar backdrop to PDC darts events for more than 25 years. He has called some of the sport’s most iconic moments, as well as being forced to step in and separate feuding players on occasions.

Many people would consider retirement at Bray’s age, 65, but the former scaffolder and traffic policeman intends to carry on in the sport for as long as he is wanted.

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“I don't know how many times I have travelled around the world. In April, I'll be in Australia for the 36th time. Most people only get there once in their lives,” Bray told DAZN ahead of the Nordic Darts Masters which gets underway tonight (Friday).

“You get on a plane and fly somewhere. Of course, you can have long days. I was a scaffolder before my darts career. That was hard work and those were long days. Compared to that, calling scores for darters is not hard work.

“As long as people want me, I'm happy to keep doing it. Meanwhile, I'm doing a lot on the Asian Tour. There are very exciting times ahead for me.”

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Bray is a safe pair of hands on the oche but, like for any referee, there is the occasional slip-up. The veteran caller admits he has to focus extra hard during slow matches to avoid any concentration lapses – and to stop himself singing along with fans.

“In the slow games, I have to concentrate more because my concentration level is not so good,” he admitted. “I then want to sing along with the crowd in slow matches. The faster matches are the better.”


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