Gay Premier League star is in therapy as he fears abuse from fans if he comes out

A GAY Premier League star has had therapy because he is so frightened of coming out, telling pals: “I will be crucified.”

The ace revealed he has sought professional psychological help amid fears of how rival fans will react.

He said: “It’s 2021 and I should be able to be free to tell everyone who I am.

"But there are some fans on the terraces for whom it is still very much the 1980s.

“I want to be open with people because it’s who I am and I am proud. But the truth is I will be crucified.”

The star admitted he is riddled with doubt, saying: “When I play, I feel like the fans may guess and they are judging me.

“Am I coming across as camp? Can they tell from the clothes I wear off the pitch? It has had a terrible effect on me mentally. It’s terrifying.”

The top-flight British star has spoken to campaigner Amal Fashanu — niece of ex-Norwich star Justin, who came out in 1990 and took his own life in 1998.

Amal, who fronted an award-winning documentary about her uncle, has set up a charity dedicated to helping tackle homophobia and racism within the sport.

She is also a keen advocate for improved mental health services for professional footballers.

Last year, it emerged two Prem stars had come out to close family and friends.

But in an open letter to the FA, one said he was “too scared” to do so publicly.

Amal has now introduced the pair to each other, and they are in regular contact over WhatsApp and online.

She told The Sun: “In 2021, when we have never been so woke as a society, it feels like it should be the perfect time for a top-level player to come out.

“But the reality is that homophobia, especially online, is more prevalent than ever. We need to protect these players.

“I am in constant dialogue with the FA about what can be done but, unfortunately, it’s an unprecedented situation so it’s hard to put in place measures for a situation that hasn’t yet occurred.”

In March, Amal is hosting a star- studded gala in London to raise awareness around the subject.

Both gay players have been invited — and have said they will attend. For more information on Amal’s charity, please visit


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