Ex-baseball star Jose Canseco accused of taking a dive in boxing match after being knocked out after TEN SECONDS

FORMER baseball star Jose Canseco has been accused of taking a dive in a boxing match after being knocked out in TEN SECONDS.

The ex-MLB player fought Barstool Sports podcaster 'Billy Football' in an exhibition bout in West Virginia.

Barstool Sports promoted the event called 'Rough N’ Rowdy' but immediately called Canseco out for his performance.

David Portnoy, founder of the sports and pop culture blog, took to Twitter to accuse Canseco of throwing the fight.

Portnoy tweeted: "Jose 100% took a dive.

"We paid half up front and he got double if he won. We thought that would ensure he’d fight. We were wrong."

Barstool Sports were also forced to void all bets on Canseco winning and refunded the money to the bettors.

They wrote: "We have already voided all bets on Jose Canceso at RnR 13.

"All wagers on Billy Football will be graded a win."

Canseco, 56, and initially began the feud by going after Jennifer Lopez's husband Alex Hernandez.

But Billy, 22, – real name William Cotter – called out the six-time All-Star with Barstool fronting the money and promotion for the show.

Canseco has fought before, losing his MMA debut in 2009 to 7ft2 kickboxer Hong-man Choi at a DREAM event.

He claimed to have suffered a shoulder problem prior to losing against Billy, and pointed at the injury after his questionable defeat.

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