Dustin Poirier has 'put all his eggs in one basket' by accepting UFC 264 trilogy with Conor McGregor, says Chandler

DUSTIN POIRIER has put 'all his eggs in one basket' by choosing a trilogy fight with Conor McGregor over a title shot.

The UFC brass offered the former interim lightweight champion a second crack at the undisputed title earlier this year.

Fan favourite Poirier, however, snubbed another opportunity at UFC gold in favour of a lucrative rubber match with McGregor, whom he'll meet again in July.

Chandler understands the Louisiana native's reasoning for taking a third fight with The Notorious but reckons it's a huge risk given the potential ramifications of a second loss to the Irishman.

The 35-year-old told DAZN: "I even think Conor has the advantage.

"I also think mentally Conor has the advantage because now they're one and one. They both have finishes over each other.

"But the caveat is Dustin let it ride and put all his eggs in one basket and passed up on the UFC title shot to fight Conor McGregor. Now, of course, he might make more money.

"Of course, it's maybe a bigger fight with more eyeballs, but you still passed up on the UFC title.


"You lose this fight against Conor, I fight Conor next, and now he's going to have to go through Justin Gaethje again, or he's going have to go through another guy inside the top five to get the title shot."

Poirier, 32, turned in a career-best performance in his UFC 257 rematch with McGregor in January, which he won via second-round KO.

Chandler said of Poirier's momentous victory: "His performance was great.

"Even though this is the fight game, Conor's performance was great aside from the fact that he took some leg kicks and the fact that he got finished.

"Conor, I believe, was in the driver's seat for that fight. He was taking some damage to the calf. Of course, he was eating a couple of shots.

"Whenever Dustin Poirier gets you up against the cage in that striking range, there's nobody that does it better. But I think Conor was in the driver's seat in that first round.

"I think there's some small tweaks and some small adjustments that Conor can make and that he will most likely make that will make it a more competitive fight in the trilogy."

McGregor, 32, is relishing his Sin City series decider with his old featherweight rival, saying: "July 10th I will do this absolutely flawlessly.

"We have these clowns sussed and fully!

"They wanna play a game of tactics? No problem, see you in there.

"You’ve awoken a beast. A beast with the backing of a much higher power! Say your prayers."

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