Denise Lewis admits she eavesdropped on stars having sex at Olympic Village in latest A League Of Their Own

GOLD medal winner Denise Lewis has opened up on Olympic Village romps – and admits she eavesdropped on athletes having sex.

Heptathlete Lewis, 49, won the heptathlon gold at the 2000 Sydney Games and gave her take on the Olympic Village romps on the latest episode of A League Of Their Own.

Presenter Romesh Ranganathan presses Lewis on the matter: "Denise, the Olympic Village is, you know, we all know it's full of people just at it."

And Lewis recalls getting a phone call to say people were 'at it' in the room next door.

Lewis said: "I do recall one occasion where there was someone literally at it, and I got a phone call.

"And it was like 'literally, so and so' – she will remain anonymous."

Confused but very amused, Ranganathan probes for more answers.

He asked: "What do you mean you got the phone call? So somebody was at it."


Lewis then admits she and some Team GB athletes ran into the room next door to where the romp was taking place to listen along.

She said: "Someone was in the next room to someone who was getting their groove on, and so we piled into the room next door."

Denise stubbornly refuses to name names.

And she claims everyone was so bored with life in the village that listening to people having sex became a big deal.

Ranganathan digs for more answers, saying: "So you got the phone call to say 'somebody's having sex, who wants to have a listen?'

Lewis responds: "Yes. Who wants to have a listen. (Audience laughter) Well, we were bored. Bored."

Ranganathan asks one final time: "So you all piled into the room and listened?"

Lewis responds: "Yeah, and literally (cupping ear to listen)."

Comedian Jimmy Carr then gets in on the act with a cheeky one-liner.

The comedian chimes in saying: "And this is athletes, so they'll be competing to see who can come first."

Lewis can't help but applaud Carr's 'very good' joke.

Sex stories coming out from the Olympics isn't anything new.

And at the recent Tokyo 2020 Games, sex was actually banned due to the threat of coronavirus.

Athletes were made to sleep on single beds made out of recycled cardboard, meaning the beds could break if two or more athletes got up to no good.

Despite the sex ban at this summer's edition, precautions were taken.

Organisers distributed a staggering 160,000 condoms for the event to encourage romping athletes to at least be safe.

Ex-athlete Susen Tiedtke claims officials are powerless to stop the alcohol-fuelled romps that are a fixture of every Games.

The German, 52, told Bild: "[The ban] is a big laughing stock for me, it doesn't work at all.

"Sex is always an issue in the village.

"The athletes are at their physical peak at the Olympics. When the competition is over, they want to release their energy.

"There is one party after another, then alcohol comes into play. It happens that people have sex and there are enough people who strive for that."

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