Darts icon distracted by streaker but left gutted when noticing they were male

To the disappointment of many sports fans, the appearance of a streaker is a rare occurrence these days.

Whether it was at football, cricket, rugby and even darts, most sports have had their fair share of naked intruders down the years. At one time, TV directors didn't even to bother to cut away, preferring instead to broadcast a hapless police officer or steward as they gave chase.

Due to the beefed-up security at major sporting events and TV channels’ reluctance to give the bare and brave individuals the airtime they crave, they are a rare sight now. The golden age of the streaker is no more but they remain fresh in the memory for those who could see it all, quite literally, the players.

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Streaking events at darts have been rare, but they have happened, and one took place during a match involving one of the greats of the sport – Dennis Priestley.

‘The Menace’ was in action at the World Matchplay in Blackpool when he was confronted by an unclothed intruder. But for a focused Priestley, it wasn’t immediately obvious what gender the streaker was.

“I had a streaker when I was at Blackpool,” he said when asked about memorable on-stage incidents during an interview with SaferBettingSites.com ahead of the current World Championship.

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“He came up on stage and shook my hand. I looked down and thought, ‘that’s just my luck, it’s a bloke!’ That was funny.”

Priestley also recalled a clever piece of gamesmanship that was used by a rival player.

“When I was fully focused and in the zone, a player asked me to ask the referee to get some water,” he added. “After we came out after the commercial advert break, all I heard was the crowd, as he planted that seed in my head. I went on and lost.”


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