Homeless Texas Man Returns to College to Finish Degree Over 40 Years After Dropping Out

A homeless man is returning to college to finish his degree after dropping out over 40 years ago.

Almost every day for the past six years, students at the University of Texas at Austin would see David Carter panhandling near campus.

After running into Carter, 67, on numerous occasions, UT student Ryan Chandler decided to interview him for an assignment for the Daily Texan.

“I figured he would be a good person to talk to about homeless issues,” Chandler tells PEOPLE.

Chandler not only gained insight on the growing epidemic, but learned that he and Carter had a lot more in common than he thought.

Carter explained to Chandler that he was once a student at UT, studying art on a scholarship.

However, his academic career came to a halt after an accident hurt his hand. He dropped out after having completed 87 credits at 23 — he had roughly one semester left before graduation, the Alcalde and Spectrum News Austin reported.

After leaving school, Carter struggled for years, battling schizophrenia, substance abuse and homelessness.

Carter later revealed to Chandler that he wanted to return to school.

“When I heard his background, I was amazed so we kept in touch and became friends,” Chandler tells PEOPLE. “After I published a feature on him in December, his story gained some local attention and I got the ball rolling with the university.”

Over the past six months, Chandler helped Carter get readmitted.

“David has the intelligence and drive to get back to school. His situation just prevents him from having a reliable means of communication and the time to work through the process.”

“Having gone through the very bureaucratic UT admissions process before, I was able to simply provide the connections and communications for him, set him up with an advisor and pay small fees related to his application,” Chandler explains.

Two weeks ago, they learned Carter would once again be a Longhorn.

“David and I are both excited, but honestly, nervous at the same time,” Chandler tells PEOPLE. “David has not been a student since the ’70s, and since that time, he has gone through struggles most students never have to experience.”

“It’s going to be a very long road ahead, and this is more of the beginning than the end,” he adds.


Carter also expressed his gratitude for Chandler, telling Spectrum News Austin his admission is “the greatest blessing I’ve ever received.”

“He did what he had to be done to get me enrolled in those classes, and I couldn’t have done it without him,” Carter added.

Carter also revealed to Spectrum News Austin that he’d like to “spend the rest of my life just doing research and writing books.”

“But I think the books I write will be better because of the college education and coming in contact with the great minds,” Carter told the outlet.

Chandler explains to PEOPLE that he hopes Carter’s story sheds light on “the common preconceptions about people you see on the street” and how they “are not true.”

“That was a major thing I wanted to show the UT community,” he adds. “Some students see the homeless as dangerous, lazy or annoying, and those stereotypes are simply wrong. No one chooses to be homeless. Those who are have been victim to misfortunes outside of their control, such as mental illness, addiction or family problems.”

“Davis is just one face behind those problems,” Chandler says. “He — and everyone like him — has hopes and dreams just like every fortunate person, and they deserve to be treated like it.”

Chandler revealed on Twitter that a member of The Ex-Student’s Association of the University of Texas has “pledged to pay” Carter’s tuition.

“We did it! After 6 years of panhandling on the Drag, David Carter has been readmitted to @UTAustin and will resume his degree this week!” Chandler wrote.

Carter will begin taking his two courses, U.S. History and Black Political Thought this week.

Chandler says that since degree requirements have changed dramatically since Carter was last enrolled, “he requires at least four more semesters of school.”

“At this point, the degree is really secondary,” he says. “David wants to learn for the sake of learning and to prove to himself that he can do something meaningful with his life — and he has already done that.”

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The 14 Best Lip Plumpers That Will Make You Forget About Overlining

The 14 Best Lip Plumpers That Will Make You Forget About Overlining

Over the last few years, pouty lips have become a feature many people seem to be striving for, and the beauty industry has answered with a variety of lip-plumping products. Whether it’s the cult following of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits or the popularity of lip injections, it’s clear many people want to accentuate their mouths. Thankfully, lots of popular brands have debuted glosses and balms filled with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid to give you a fuller lip look. Other lip plumpers use essential oils like peppermint or cinnamon (hence the tingle) to temporarily inflame the lips. While results don’t last long, if you’re looking for fuller lips with only a swipe of gloss, one of these lip plumpers is just the thing.

Ahead, find the very best lip plumpers on the market so you can get the pouty look you crave.

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Can You Still Be Friends With Your Ex’s Family? An Expert Investigates

Breakups are tough, and it can be difficult to navigate the postmortem rules. Staying friends with exes is one thing, but staying friends with their families is something completely different. If you’ve gotten close with your ex’s siblings or parents, you might wonder what the rules are around staying friends with an ex’s family. I’ve had exes whose mothers I feel certain loved me more than them (well, I intuited it), and it can be sad to stop hanging out. Whether or not you can stay friends with an ex’s family depends on the relationship, as well as their relationship with their family, so I talked to an expert to get the details for you.

If the breakup was a healthy one, it might be easier to stay friends with an ex’s family. "The breakup has to be civilized," Relationship and etiquette expert April Masini tells Elite Daily. "Both parties have to have some understanding and empathy for what the other has been going through and why things didn’t work out. So, if you and your ex are okay with the way things worked out, even after a breakup, then it’s more likely that you’ll be able to befriend each others’ families." Even still, it can be best to give things time. Masini warns against trying to be friends when the breakup is fresh since the dust hasn’t yet settled. No breakup is fun, but if you and your ex have been kind to each other and the breakup was as civilized as possible, you may be able to stay friends with an ex’s family.

Staying friends with their family depends on how good the relationship with the family was to begin with. "There should be commonalities that you hold an interest in," Masini says. If you and your ex’s siblings used to hang out and share common interests, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to continue hanging out with them. Similarly, if your life was intertwined with your ex’s family, then it’s more likely that you can continue hanging out with their relatives. "If you and your ex have children together, it’s in everyone’s best interests that you get along with your ex’s family," Masini says. "Or if you hold a business together or real estate together, or even pets together." The more that their family was a part of your life, the more likely that you can continue to be friends with them after a breakup.

Make sure you’re trying to stay friends with an ex’s family for the right reasons. "If you are using your ex’s family to try and get back with your ex, or if your using your ex’s family so that you don’t have to face the fact that you’re not with your ex anymore, and you’re actually single, that’s not healthy for you," Masini says. "You should only be friends with an ex’s family if you’ve processed the breakup and have your emotional and social ducks in a row." You may have had a wonderful friendship with your ex’s siblings or parents, but that doesn’t mean you’ll instantly recover from a breakup. Make sure you’re not using their family to get back at them or to stay close to them. If you’re still hanging out with their family because you genuinely want to, and not for any other reason, then you might be able to make a friendship with their family work.

If your ex doesn’t want you to stay friends with their family, it might be best to respect their wishes. Even if you spent time with their siblings frequently and considered them close friends, it can be good to prioritize your ex’s feelings. "If your ex doesn’t want you to be friends with his or her family, you should respect that and back off," Masini says. "If you have children together, keep your relationships with your ex’s family, as it pertains to the children, civilized and cordial, but don’t cross the line to where your ex is uncomfortable. It’s important that you and your ex are okay, first and foremost, before you can try and befriend his or her family." It can be tough to lose a member of an ex’s family as a friend, but ultimately, blood is thicker than water, and it can be critical to respect their desires as it pertains to their family.

There are also ways to stay in touch with an ex’s family without staying friends, if that’s something you’re interested in. For example, maybe you’re in a relationship with someone new, and you’d like to stay in touch with your ex’s family, but you know that spending time with them will make your new partner uncomfortable. "If you are dating someone else, and that person is uncomfortable with the fact that you’re having Thanksgiving with your ex and his or her family, then it can be a roadblock to a new relationship," Masini says. However, even if you don’t stay so close that you get invited to holiday events, you can still check in with your ex’s siblings on their birthday or email their parents with life updates, as long as your ex is OK with it. You don’t have to cut an ex’s family out entirely after a breakup. There are ways to stay in touch without hanging out frequently, and this might be a better arrangement if friendship with an ex’s family upsets either your new partner or your ex.

Breakups can be rough, and it’s particularly rough when you’ve gotten attached to an ex’s family. You can have a totally healthy and normal friendship with members of an ex’s family, as long as you’re considerate of your ex’s feelings. If you make the friendship work, you have even more people to go bowling with! And if not, a lot of people like bowling (me, in particular), so you’ll find plenty of other people to be friends with.

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Should Meghan Markle Help Out Her Homeless Brother?

The past twelve months have been pretty good to former Suits star Meghan Markle. Last May, she married the man of her dreams, Prince Harry. This May, they welcomed their first child into the world, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

While things seem to be going pretty well for the Duchess of Sussex, her estranged family across the pond is having a hard time and blaming their string of bad luck on Meghan.

It was recently discovered that Meghan’s half brother, Thomas Markle Jr., has lost his job and his home. He blames his inability to work on the fact that everyone knows who he is because of his younger sister Meghan. 

Meghan and Harry definitely have the money to help out Meghan’s brother, but should they? Does Meghan have any obligation to help Thomas Jr. out of his tough situation? Just when we thought we were done hearing from Meghan’s scorned family members, they come back to remind us why it is a good thing that Meghan has decided to live in a completely different country than them.

Meghan didn’t spend much time with her half-siblings while she was growing up

Meghan’s parents split up when she was just six years old. She reportedly lived with her mother after the separation, but she still saw her father on a regular basis. She has often talked about fond memories that she and her father had shared during her childhood, however, she hardly ever talked about a half-brother or sister.

In fact, when her father had published a letter that Meghan had wrote to him right after her wedding, she had described her sister as someone she “barely knows.”

Thomas Jr. has never had anything good to say about his sister

Thomas Jr. may have not gone to the media with new stories about his sister as much as his other sister, Samantha, did or even as much as his dad. However, the few times that he has talked to the media about his sister, Meghan, he has never had anything good to say. 

Right before Meghan and Harry got married, Thomas Jr. had released a letter that he had written to Harry. In the letter, Thomas Jr. had told Harry that Meghan was “not the right woman” for him. He had also said that if Harry were to go through with the wedding, it would be “the biggest mistake in royal wedding history.”

He had later said that when he wrote that letter, he was just angry at Meghan because he felt as if she had forgotten her entire family after she had a taste of the royal life.

He had also accused Meghan of only using their father for his money, and then, after she became a famous actress and their father had gone bankrupt, Meghan didn’t offer to pay her father back all of the money that he had spent on her when she was a child. Instead, Meghan “forgets about him in Mexico leaving him broke, over mostly her debt.”

He had hoped that the Markle family could be a part of Archie’s life

After the wedding, we didn’t hear much from Thomas Markle for a while. However, that all changed after baby Archie was born. 

Thomas Jr. had recently talked to The Sun about his newest nephew. At first, Meghan’s older brother seemed as if he was sincerely happy about the news of baby Archie’s arrival. “Congratulations,” Thomas Jr. had said in a message that was specifically meant for Meghan and Harry. “I am very happy for you both and I hope that this baby will bring you all the joy in the world.”

He then talked about how he is hopeful that this baby will help to bring the family back together and he hopes that his dad will be able to see the baby soon. But then, in true Markle family fashion, he had to throw a little bit of shade at Meghan before he ended the interview.

“Hopefully she won’t be unfair and withhold him from anybody,” he said, referencing his sister and Archie. “I hope she’ll reach out and make the baby a part of everyone’s life.”

Thomas Jr. is now homeless and blames Meghan

This past week, Thomas Jr. has admitted that he is now jobless and homeless. According to Yahoohe had told The Sun that he, his girlfriend, and her son are forced to live in a tiny and cramped hotel room because he has lost his job due to an illness and can no longer afford his rent.

“This is the lowest part of my life,” he had said. “And it’s all because my life suddenly got catapulted into the spotlight – through no fault of my own.”

Thomas Jr.’s former landlord claimed that he was behind on his rent and when he was evicted, he had left the home looking like a total pigsty. However, Meghan’s half brother says that those claims are untrue and that no one wants to hire him or give him a place to stay because everywhere he goes, he is known as “Meghan’s crazy brother.”

Should Meghan Markle help out her homeless brother?

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Today is #earthday – an opportunity to learn about, celebrate and continue to safeguard our planet, our home. The above, Their Royal Highnesses in Rotorua, New Zealand. Of the 170 different species originally planted in the early 1900’s, only a handful of species, including these majestic Redwoods, remain today. Next, we invite you to scroll through a series of 8 photos taken by The Duke of Sussex©️DOS sharing his environmental POV including: Africa’s Unicorn, the rhino. These magnificent animals have survived ice ages and giant crocodiles, amongst other things! They have adapted to earth’s changing climate continually for over 30 million years. Yet here we are in 2019 where their biggest threat is us. A critical ecosystem, Botswana’s Okavango Delta sustains millions of people and an abundance of wildlife. Huge bush fires, predominantly started by humans, are altering the entire river system; the ash kills the fish as the flood comes in and the trees that don’t burn become next year’s kindling. Desert lions are critically endangered due partly to human wildlife conflict, habitat encroachment and climate change. 96% of mammals on our 🌍 are either livestock or humans, meaning only 4% remaining are wild animals. Orca and Humpback whale populations are recovering in Norway thanks to the protection of their fisheries. Proof that fishing sustainably can benefit us all. Roughly 3/4 of Guyana is forested, its forests are highly diverse with 1,263 known species of wildlife and 6,409 species of plants. Many countries continue to try and deforest there for the global demand for timber. We all now know the damage plastics are causing to our oceans. Micro plastics are also ending up in our food source, creating not just environmental problems for our planet but medical problems for ourselves too. When a fenced area passes its carrying capacity for elephants, they start to encroach into farmland causing havoc for communities. Here @AfricanParksNetwork relocated 500 Elephants to another park within Malawi to reduce the pressure on human wildlife conflict and create more dispersed tourism. Every one of us can make a difference, not just today but every day. #earthday

A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on

We are not sure why, but for some reason, the Markle family loves to blame Meghan for all of their problems. Thomas Jr. claims that his life started to go downhill once people found out that he was Meghan’s brother.

However, we can’t seem to find where Meghan has ever talked about her half brother publicly. The only reason why the world knows who Thomas Markle Jr. is is because he keeps throwing his own self into the spotlight.

We don’t know if Meghan will decide to help her half brother out or not. But the way he has tried to publicly destroy her life, from where we are sitting, it doesn’t look like she owes him anything.

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Kim Jong-un ready to ‘excute’ North Korean Olympics organisers

He attacked the “wrong spirit” of the games, a propaganda spectacle involving tens of thousands of performers, which can last for several months.

Vast numbers of dancers and gymnasts will perform coordinated, colourful shows in the May Day Stadium in capital Pyongyang.

However, the all-powerful Kim was unhappy with the result, and reportedly suspended the event which draws foreigners to the country.

The state’s news agency KCNA said the dictator “called creators of the performance and seriously criticised them for their wrong spirit of creation and irresponsible work attitude, pointing to the contents and forms of works”.

It is not clear if the dictator will carry out executions as a result, but he has been known to kill thousands of his own citizens, and even members of his close family.

The North Korean leader has recently been leading a bloody purge of perceived opponents since the failure of his summit in Hanoi with Donald Trump.

However, Minyoung Lee, an expert on the hermit nation, told the BBC that the despot’s criticism is not unusual.

She said: “Kim Jong-un publicly criticises departments and poor work performance.”

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Open Post: Hosted By An Arizona Hiker Going For A Barfy Wild Ride

A 74-year-old Arizona hiker was injured and ended up having to get a helicopter rescue. Sounds simple enough until the helicopter starts acting like possessed carnival ride gone wrong and spins the fuck out on this poor woman. A camera man captured the rescue, and the video is wild. It’s the 2019 remix of Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) called You Spin Me Round (Like A Gurney).

I’m getting motion sickness just writing about it. The women ended up being okay, but I’m sure it will be a minute until she gets on a helicopter or a spinning carnival ride again.

According to Mashable this took place on a dusty mountain:

It’s already bad enough being injured in the middle of a hot, dusty mountain.

So spare a thought or two for this hiker, whose bad day turned even worse when the helicopter basket she was rescued in started spinning uncontrollably.

The 74-year-old woman was airlifted from Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday morning, when the basket at first started to sway, then gradually built up speed as it continued to rotate. The poor woman.

That poor woman is right. First, she’s 74 and hiking. When I’m 74 I plan to be doing only things I love. So I’ll either be on a Golden Girls theme cruise or starting fights at a buffet. Plus, this was her rescue helicopter, so she was already starting from a shit place, then she got the Michael Lohan of helicopters. You know, strictly there to make things worse.

In a press conference, authorities said the woman was nauseous and dizzy after the somewhat calamitous rescue, but didn’t suffer any additional ill effects after the spin. 

“Sometimes when we bring the helicopter up from the ground, it will start to spin,” Paul Apolinar, Phoenix Police’s chief pilot said. “We have a line attached to the basket that’s supposed to prevent that. Today it didn’t.”

I’m glad she wasn’t hurt but I can’t imagine what kind of nausea and peeing of one’s pants that kind of spinning would provoke. It turns out this is a malfunction has happened before.

Authorities said the spinning is a known phenomenon, and they train for it. In the last six years in which rescuers have hoisted people with the basket, the spinning has only occurred twice.

I’m not sure how they train for it other than having a barf bag, some spare underwear, and an “I’m sorry” card ready. I’m just glad I can add this to my already long list of reasons to not go hiking. See you never, barf helicopter!

Here’s the video in all its spinning glory:

Pic: Fox10Phoenix

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Sarri move to Juventus stalls as Chelsea demand £5.3m release clause is met

MAURIZIO SARRI'S switch from Chelsea to Juventus has been held up by the Blues demanding his £5.3million release clause.

That's the claim from Sky Sports In Italy, where ex-Napoli chief Sarri is keen to return with champions Juve.

Sarri, 60, won the Europa League and finished third in the Premier League in his debut season in charge at Stamford Bridge.

But despite Chelsea improving in the closing months of the campaign, "Sarri-ball" never completely won over fans or pundits.

It is thought the Blues agreed to the 60-year-old returning to his his home country if Juve came in for him.

But today's stumbling block over his release clause confirms a move to the Serie A kingpins is far from a done deal.

In fact, Juventus president Fabio Paratici has told Sarri he is not the only contender.

And reports suggest the Old Lady held lengthy talks over whether Sarri was the ideal replacement for Max Allegri.

Paratici said: "We have very clear ideas and we are working. It takes a moment, we have a range of coaches, there is not only one name.

"How long will it take? There is no time limit, we are working very quietly."

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This Perfect Denim Top Is Exactly What You've Been Looking For

The perfect top. It’s a subjective subject, but we’ve been working on narrowing it down, and we think we’ve actually found it. A top that’s universally flattering, easy to style, comfortable to wear and totally timeless. One that everyone will love from the start!

The J.Crew Everyday Chambray Shirt is it. The perfect top. We had a feeling from the second we laid eyes on it, and that feeling only grew as we studied it, learned more about it and read rave review after rave review. We’re sure now; this is the one! We’re confident, and we’re ready to share with the world!

See it: Get the J.Crew Everyday Chambray Shirt for just $78 at Nordstrom!

This top has over 120 reviews, and shoppers are calling it “the perfect iteration of a classic.” They love that its “flattering cut” is never boxy, even when untucked. One reviewer mentioned how denim tops “can be tricky,” as they often appear either “too masculine,” “too casual” or fall into “cowboy” territory, but this one captured the essence of femininity flawlessly! That’s why so many shoppers are saying they’d re-order this “soft and comfortable” top “in a heartbeat!”

This top is made of 100% cotton chambray, which is light and breathable. It’s a light-wash blue with very subtle fading, offering a vintage vibe with a completely contemporary silhouette and style. This top has a “not-too-tight, not-too-loose fit.” It’s just right — for everyone!

This top has a raised, button-up placket with white buttons and a spread collar up top. Down at the bottom, we’ll find a curved hem, which is long enough for tucking in and blousing out of high-waisted bottoms. Our favorite everyday, casual look. It also features two patch pockets at the chest, which lay flat to avoid any bulk!

See it: Get the J.Crew Everyday Chambray Shirt for just $78 at Nordstrom!

The sleeves of this top are long with button cuffs, so we can either wear them all the way down to our wrists, or fold them up for a warmer day. This is just the start of the styling possibilities when it comes to this J.Crew shirt!

J.Crew specializes in creating pieces that can be worn “many ways,” so let’s get into it. For some super simple outfits, we can throw this top on over a pair of simple black leggings, leaving the top buttons loose and the hem untucked. Slip on a pair of white sneakers and we’re set! For a more dressed-up option, we can tuck this top into cropped trousers, button it up to our neck and pick out a pair of flats or block heels. We can dress it up even further by letting a statement necklace peek out from underneath the collar!

For a casual-cool summer look, we’d fold the sleeves of this top up to our elbows and tuck it one side into black denim shorts with a pair of platform sandals on our feet. Don’t forget the sunglasses and maybe even a bandana headband in our hair!

This top is available in both regular sizes and petite sizes. It runs a little small, so if we want a relaxed fit, we should always size up! Now go on! We can’t wait to see just how everyone is going to style this shirt!

See it: Get the J.Crew Everyday Chambray Shirt for just $78 at Nordstrom!

Not your style? Check out more from J.Crew here and other tops available at Nordstrom here!


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This post is brought to you by Us Weekly’s Shop With Us team. The Shop With Us team aims to highlight products and services our readers might find interesting and useful. Product and service selection, however, is in no way intended to constitute an endorsement by either Us Weekly or of any celebrity mentioned in the post.

The Shop With Us team may receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. In addition, Us Weekly receives compensation from the manufacturer of the products we write about when you click on a link and then purchase the product featured in an article. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product or service is featured or recommended. Shop With Us operates independently from advertising sales team. We welcome your feedback at [email protected] Happy shopping!

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Cheryl reveals the secret to her washboard stomach

Cheryl has finally revealed the secret behind her super slim figure, crediting her mega toned post-baby body to gruelling home workouts.

The 35-year-old pop songstress, who recently flaunted her slim line physique in the sexy new video for her latest single Let You, said that she follows US fitness guru, Tracy Anderson’s workout plans, turning her living room into a sauna for the torturous sounding regime.

Chez said: ‘I’ve been doing the Tracy Anderson method, where you work your muscles at all different angles to lean you out rather than bulk them up.

‘You do it in 90 degree heat with humidity, which is supposed to help tone your skin.’

Speaking to The Sun, she went on to explain she struggled to regain her banging bod after giving birth to two-year-old son, Bear, who she shares with ex flame, Liam Payne.

She continued: ‘Obviously it’s not that easy to get your body back after having a baby so I’m at it nearly every day.

MORE: Cheryl opens up on life as a mum as she reveals she’d ‘love another baby’

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Let You……. 👀

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‘I do the routine at home, she has a streaming system so I can watch on the TV. I literally have four heaters and two humidifiers, it’s not for the faint-hearted, honestly I am an extremist.

‘I am one of those people who can’t do basic yoga, it’s too boring – I have to do the extreme heat where somebody can potentially die, or you feel like you’re dying, it’s quite extreme – it’s a hard method, but it works.’

As if that wasn’t enough, the former Girls Aloud star continued to describe her intense health kick, admitting she also downs celery juice first thing in the morning.

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Let You. Friday. 🖤

A post shared by Cheryl (@cherylofficial) on

‘I have been drinking celery juice recently, I found somebody on Instagram who believes that drinking celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning gets rid of all the pathogens and everything that is in your body.

‘I have been trying that but I can’t always do it to be honest – it’s a mission getting up and juicing when you’re trying to feed a toddler at 7am.’

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Jeremy Corbyn would be West's first anti-Semitic leader since Hitler, would-be PM Matt Hancock blasts

JEREMY Corbyn would be the first anti-Semitic leader in the West since HITLER, a Tory leadership contender warned tonight.

Matt Hancock warned that if the Tories screw up Brexit they will hand the leftie Labour boss the keys to No10.

He blasted: "The Conservative party has to get this right.

"If we don't, we could end up with the first anti-Semitic leader of a Western nation since WW2."

The Health Secretary's attack on Mr Corbyn came as he addressed Tory MPs at a hustings event this evening.

Mr Hancock insisted he is the man to deliver Brexit – even though he voted Remain in 2016.

He said: "I want to slay this unicorn, that we need a Brexiteer as PM.

"We don't need a Brexiteer as Prime Minister. We need someone who is committed to delivering Brexit."

Labour hit back at Mr Hancock's anti-Semitism claims – a source said it was a "baseless political attack".

We could end up with the first anti-Semitic leader of a Western nation since WW2

Michael Gove opened the door to delaying Brexit beyond October 31 at the hustings, hosted by the One Nation group of MPs.

He said: "If we are making progress and are on the verge of a deal, and we’ve had a good EU Council in October and we’re 99 per cent of the way there on Halloween – are we seriously saying we wouldn’t take a bit more time to get the deal done?"

Jeremy Hunt added: "I met Macron and Merkel today in Portsmouth and a hardline approach will lead to a hardline response. They'll wait for Parliament to block No Deal."

But Dominic Raab insisted that pushing for No Deal was the best way to convince the EU to offer us a better deal.

The Brexiteer said: "As Brexit Secretary I looked our EU opposite numbers in the eyes. I know the strengths but also the weaknesses of their positions.

"That's why we don't just need a conviction Brexiteer. We need someone who is resolute, but someone who can navigate the rocky path ahead and get Brexit delivered."

Yesterday Boris Johnson told the first hustings event the Tories would be wiped out if they failed to deliver Brexit on time.

Timetable of Tory leadership election which will pick new PM

June 7: Theresa May stands down as party leader but will continue as PM until her successor is elected

June 10: Nominations for the leadership open 10am-5pm; candidates must have the support of eight MPs

June 13: First ballot of MPs, open 10am-12pm; any candidate with fewer than 13 votes eliminated

June 18: Second ballot (if needed), open 3pm-5pm; any candidate with fewer than 33 votes eliminated

June 19: Third ballot (if needed), open 3pm-5pm; candidate with fewest votes eliminated

June 20: Fourth ballot (if needed), open 10am-12pm; candidate with fewest votes eliminated

June 22: Second stage begins where votes shift from MPs to party activists who will choose between final two candidates

July 22: Result announced this week, in time for Commons recess to begin

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