European socialist leaders slap down Corbyn for refusing to back deal

European socialist leaders slap down Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to back Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

  • EU leaders told Corbyn to stop playing party politics and help get deal over line  
  • Portuguese PM Mr Costa said Corbyn’s strategy would prolong uncertainty 
  • PM Antonio Costa also accused Mr Corbyn of ‘sacrificing’ people’s interests
  • Ambush came during a meeting before Thursday’s summit of six heads of state

Jeremy Corbyn has been slapped down by other European socialist leaders for refusing to back Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

The Labour leader was taken to task during a private meeting in Brussels before the start of a summit on Thursday, according to sources.

EU leaders told him to stop playing party politics and help get a deal over the line by telling his MPs to vote for it.

 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was taken to task during a private meeting in Brussels before the start of a summit on Thursday, according to sources

The ambush came during a meeting before Thursday’s summit of six heads of state who belong to the European Socialists and Democrats political group.

Mr Corbyn updated them on Brexit and how his party plans to reject the deal.

But Portuguese prime minister Antonio Costa said Mr Corbyn’s strategy of another delay followed by a general election would prolong uncertainty for millions of citizens and businesses. A spokesman for Mr Costa confirmed to the Mail that he told the Labour leader to put the ‘interests of Europe and the United Kingdom’ above party politics.

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa (pictured) said Mr Corbyn’s strategy of another delay followed by a general election would prolong uncertainty for millions

He also accused Mr Corbyn of ‘sacrificing’ people’s interests. He added: ‘The European economy and the British economy cannot be sacrificed to the interests of the political will to have elections.

‘It is time, once and for all, for the British Parliament to respond to what has been a patient, sustained, persistent effort of good will on the part of the EU to negotiate successive agreements to try to overcome successive rejections.’

The spokesman said the other five EU leaders present also privately urged Mr Corbyn to help get the deal over the line.

Asked whether Mr Corbyn had been told to help get the deal through, a Labour spokesman said: ‘I’m not going to comment on private conversations.’

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Steeped in Astros’ and Yankees’ Ways, Joe Espada Is a Hot Commodity

Before Joe Espada took over as the Yankees’ third base coach in 2015, he spent the 2014 season as a special assistant to General Manager Brian Cashman. The position was ostensibly a pro scouting role, but it also allowed Espada the opportunity to work with the front office and learn the organization’s philosophy — a coaching residency of sorts.

After three years on Manager Joe Girardi’s Yankees staff, Espada was hired as the Houston Astros’ bench coach, to work alongside Manager A.J. Hinch. Espada replaced Alex Cora, who had been hired as the new manager of the Boston Red Sox. Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow thought finding another up-and-comer was a good fit for the staff, effectively making the bench coach position an apprenticeship.

“That model continues to be the right model for us, to have a managerial prospect in that seat, and that’s essentially what he’s been for us,” Luhnow said. “He’s been terrific.”

Espada, 44, is rare connective tissue between the two like-minded, analytically inclined organizations that established themselves as the American League standard-bearers this season. (The only player on the teams’ current rosters to have spent time in both uniforms is Yankees outfielder Cameron Maybin, who logged 21 games with the Astros in 2017.)

Espada also embodies the evolving role of the modern coach, balancing responsibilities as a conduit to the front office with the traditional task of developing players. His aptitude and experience in both areas explain why he has been linked to so many managerial job openings — interviewing for several open posts last winter and at least one, with the Cubs last Monday, for next year. (Espada declined to be interviewed for this article because of his status as a managerial candidate.)

“Joey asks a lot of questions,” said the Phillies bench coach Rob Thomson, who held that role with the Yankees when Espada was the third-base coach. “When he first started with us, what he didn’t know or didn’t realize, he asked the questions, and he figured it out. The true beauty of this job is to be able to balance the analytics with what you’re teaching and how it applies to that player, this team, this situation.”

And Espada was able to produce results internally. Defensive overshifting in the infield is now common throughout the majors, but that wasn’t the case as recently as four years ago. The Yankees, in particular, had seen mixed results.

In early 2016, Girardi went so far as to say he would recommend banning the use of the shift (while conceding he would use it as long as it remained legal). As infield coach, however, Espada not only advocated the shift but also worked with the analytics team to help improve its algorithms and then communicate the plan to the players.

“He was a big reason why we were able to be transformative eventually with the shift,” Cashman said. “When he was in charge, it was still something that was resisted by our players, by our field staff. Other people were constantly poking fun at it, questioning it, whether it was our media, our radio broadcast team, whether it was the fans, the YES Network broadcasters.

“Whenever it failed, there was a lot of tension, a lot of animosity from all involved, including the pitchers, so he was on the front line having to push it.”

The Astros, one of the earliest and most faithful adopters of the shift, had already committed to it by the time Espada arrived, but he was charged with unifying the team in other areas.

“We use a lot of information to help our coaches do their jobs,” Luhnow said. “He’s very receptive to it. He pushes us when he doesn’t agree, but ultimately he’s responsible for making sure everybody — all of our coaches and players — are following the plan that A.J. sets.”

But beyond internal politicking and understanding the nuances of analytics, the modern coaching job still demands long hours of technique instruction. Astros shortstop Carlos Correa described arriving early to spring training camp every day to work on his defense with Espada. “I think he’s one of the best infield coaches out there,” Correa said. “It’s unbelievable how much I’ve learned from him.”

Those who know Espada praise his preternatural understanding of the game and say he has been prepared to coach his entire adult life. As a young shortstop at the University of Mobile, an NAIA program where he holds the school record for career batting average at .442, Espada not only knew what he should do in every situation but also “where everybody was supposed to be,” said Mike Jacobs, the school’s longtime baseball coach. “That was even as young as 18, 19 years old,” he added. The very first time Jacobs saw Espada play in a high school tournament, he took the field with an Ozzie Smith-style back flip.

Espada and Hinch were drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the second and third rounds, respectively, of the 1996 draft, and both remained in that organization through the 2000 season. Espada never got to the majors, reaching as high as Class AAA over nine years of minor league ball. In 2004, Espada signed with the Pensacola Pelicans in the independent Central League, where he was reunited with Jorge Hernandez, a former Mobile assistant working on the Pelicans’ staff.

“He just came to end his career, and he wanted to get into coaching,” Hernandez said.

Espada joined the Marlins’ coaching ranks in 2006 — and Hernandez followed a year later on Espada’s recommendation — as hitting coach of the Class A Greensboro Grasshoppers. Brandon Hyde, who now leads the Baltimore Orioles, was his manager then, later becoming his landlord and then his brother-in-law.

Espada was living in a unit behind Hyde’s house in 2007 when he met Pamela Dearth, the sister of Hyde’s wife, whom he later married. (Hyde no longer remembers if Espada paid rent, saying with a laugh, “I should have charged him more.”)

Hyde and Espada worked together again in 2010 and ’11 on the Marlins’ big league staff. They lived near Jupiter, Fla., and carpooled the hour each way to Miami, discussing the sport and their players the whole way.

“Very prepared. Very detailed. Passionate about sports. Passionate about teaching,” Hyde said. “He communicates extremely well with players. He’s just a baseball guy. He loves the game. He’s very interested in other ideas. We would just talk the game a lot over the years.”

Cashman, who hired Espada away from the Marlins in 2013, emphasized that what he looks for are “collaborative, open-minded people” and said the Astros targeted Espada with good reason.

“He was one of the better coaches I’ve had,” Cashman said. “And I’ve been here a long time.”

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Hailey Baldwin’s Final Wedding Dress Fitting: See The Romantic Gown & Veil In Full Detail — Video

Hailey Baldwin wore a gorgeous dress by Off-White designer Virgil Abloh — and fans got an intimate look at the model’s third and final fitting in a new video!

Hailey Baldwin, 22, stunned on her wedding day to Justin Bieber, 25! The model teased she had chosen her wedding dress designer over a year before her intimate South Carolina ceremony, finally revealing the number was by Off-White’s Virgil Abloh on Oct. 7! Hailey and her stylist Maeve Riley gave fans an inside look at the blonde’s third and final fitting in a new video shared by Vogue magazine on Oct. 18.

“When I said I wanted Virgil to do my dress, I didn’t want somebody who was a wedding dress designer. I just feel like my style and my street style is such a part of who I am and Virgil has always just been in my corner since the beginning. And I just feel like it’s cool to see such an intricate gown from him,” Hailey told the magazine at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. “I feel beautiful…it’s perfect.”

Virgil is well-known for his unique style, particularly his choice of including words in quotations on various pieces of clothing. While the dress is fairly traditional at first glance, the devil was in the details. “Virgil and I talked about adding the [Off-White] logo in — if you look closely, there’s pearl details all over that have the Off-White logo. And in the back, [it says] ‘wedding dress’ in his classic quotations,” Hailey’s stylist and BFF Maeve added. The theme continued with Hailey’s epic veil, was featured words “till death do us part.”

Hailey was actively involved in designing her dress, however, and had a vision of what she wanted. “I was specific on the sleeves — I knew I wanted [then] long onto my hands,” Hailey shared. “I knew I wanted it to be this [strapless] silhouette, I knew I wanted my back to be showing.” Ultimately, the dress and veil — both works of art — were made by a team of 20 people at the brand’s atelier in Milan, Italy. The fitted gown did give Hailey a bit of trouble moving at the fitting, prompting Maeve to tease that she needed to “practice” her walk before her trip down the aisle!

“I’ve done a number of red carpet dresses for events before but this would be the first for a wedding especially for a close friend — the gratifying side of designing for Hailey is that I know her personality,” Virgil narrates at the beginning of the video. “For her, I wanted something fun and youthful just the same — but still traditional. What I think is most important for her on this day is showcasing the woman that she is.”

The designer was also thinking about her love, Justin, and creating a moment he would remember for the rest of his life! “I wanted to make something that would make him look in Hailey’s eyes and see that — you know — she’s the most beautiful woman for him. That’s a lot of what the dress silhouette was inspired by is bringing an emotion to the moment that he sees her walk down the aisle with the veil on and lifted up,” Virgil continued. How romantic!

Hailey’s Off-White dress was one of three she rocked on her big day, later slipping into silky numbers by Vera Wang and Ralph & Russo (complete with sneakers).

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Is Belle Delphine Just Trolling Everyone Or Is She Completely Clueless?

In an age where anyone can become famous for almost anything at all, cosplay models have created a niche all of their own. Foremost among these is Belle Delphine, a young girl from South Africa who rose to fame by posting a series of photos of herself wearing baby-doll style anime costumes.

Unlike her fellow cosplayers, Delphine has made a name for herself by pulling some truly outrageous online stunts. It has many people wondering if she actually believes her own publicity, or if she’s simply doing all of it as some sort of out-there social commentary. Find out more about who Belle Delphine is, some of her crazier stunts, and why people think that she’s trolling the internet.

Who is Belle Delphine?

Belle Delphine was born in South Africa in 1999. There’s remarkably little information available about her early life and how she spent her childhood, but she started posting to Instagram in 2015. She created a YouTube account in 2016 and, by the time mid-2018 rolled around, Delphine had created a persona that would really start to shake up geek and cosplay culture.

Starting in 2018, Delphine started to expand her social media content well beyond pictures of costumes and scantily-clad selfies. A video that she posted of herself eating a raw egg drew an incredible number of likes. She followed up that stunt with other, similarly bizarre ones, such as placing sticker googly eyes on a dead octopus.

In an interview, Delphine admitted that her “weirder content” gets a bigger reaction, and that could be one reason why she pursued that direction. Still, she was careful to maintain her image as a playful, NSFW social media star, and continued to post lots of pictures designed to draw in new followers and fans. 

Did Belle Delphine really sell her bathwater?

In July 2019, Delphine enacted her most out-there stunt yet when she posted jars of her bathwater for sale. Even more shocking than the stunt itself was the fact that all the jars sold out immediately.

Delphine claimed that she got the idea from her fans, and after the first round sold out in record time, she said that she would soon be posting more. The bathwater caused a lot of controversies, with some people claiming that the water gave them herpes. Delphine spoke out in acknowledgment of the claims and denied that her bathwater would have given anyone an STD. 

Is Belle Delphine elaborately trolling people?

Inexplicably, Delphine dropped off the radar over the late summer, with her Instagram account indefinitely suspended. While fans have been wondering where Delphine went and what she’s up to, she has been posting infrequently to her Twitter account.

On October 7th, Delphine posted a tweet that said “I got arrested lol,” linking to a cheeky mugshot. Still, even that could be embellished. Reportedly, Delphine’s mugshot does not appear in any public database of mugshots and that the Metropolitan Police doesn’t watermark their mugshots in the first place. 

It is very possible that Delphine is playing the system, playing elaborate pranks on fans in order to keep herself relevant or to draw more likes on social media. Some people have even speculated that she’s much brighter than anyone really realizes and is making a statement about internet culture and the role that women have played in the stereotyping of “gamer” and anime culture.

While it is impossible to say, at this point, where exactly Delphine is coming from, fans may begin to learn more in the coming months. For now, Delphine is silent on social media, but that could change any day now.

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Kristen Stewart Heads Out to Buy Some Sunflowers!

Kristen Stewart picks up a bouquet of sunflowers!

The Snow White and the Huntsman star was seen holding onto the flowers while stepping out on Friday (October 18) in Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

She also had what appeared to a can or jar in her other hand.

Kristen sported a white t-shirt with rolled-up gray pants, pink socks, black and white sneakers, a baseball cap, an assortment of necklaces, and small oval sunglasses.

ICYMI, check out the trailer for Kristen Stewart‘s highly anticipated Charlie’s Angels film!

READ MORE: Kristen Stewart’s ‘Seberg’ To Premiere on Amazon Prime in December

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Naomie Harris Is in Talks to Play a Major Marvel Villain

After turning heads as Eve Moneypenny in two James Bond movies, it was only a matter of time before Naomie Harris scored her very own superhero movie. Well, it appears as though that time is now, with Variety reporting that Harris is in talks to play a villain in Venom 2.

According to the report, Harris is circling the role of Shriek, a “dangerous and criminally insane villainess,” who’ll join Woody Harrelson’s Carnage as the main foil to Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock/Venom. In the comics, Shriek is Carnage’s love interest, which means we may see some romance sandwiched in between their evil exploits.

Harris rounds out an impressive cast, which includes the aforementioned Hardy, Harrelson, and Michelle Williams, who’s returning as Brock’s love interest. And with mo-cap expert Andy Serkis set to direct, Venom 2 has the potential to be one next year’s most fascinating movies.

Harris meanwhile, is set to reprise her role as Moneypenny in the next Bond movie, No Time to Die. Her rise should come as no surprise, after she was nominated for an Oscar for her gut-wrenching turn as a drug addicted mother in 2017’s Best Picture-winning film Moonlight. But despite her success, Harris has discussed the effects of sudden fame, and why she doesn’t make as many films as someone else in her position might.

“I was completely burned out. I needed a break,” she told The Guardian about the Moonlight whirlwind and subsequent burnout. “I was like: ‘I don’t want to be an actress any more.’ I was thinking of opening a nail salon with my friend.”

But with Bond and Venom 2 on the way, it looks like Harris is finally ready to assume her rightful place at the top, and that’s just fine with us.

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Disney Plus Fleshes Out Nonfiction Slate, Including ‘Howard,’ ‘Science Fair,’ Mickey Mouse Docu

Disney Plus further fleshed out its nonfiction content slate at an International Documentary Association showcase event Friday, as the streamer, preparing for its Nov. 12 launch, continues to flesh out its programming strategy.

Among the announcements:

  • The streamer has acquired the global distribution rights to “Howard,” the Don Hahn-directed documentary about “Aladdin” and “Beauty and the Beast” lyricist Howard Ashman, which will stream exclusively on Disney Plus in 2020.
  • “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” and “20 Feet From Stardom” documentary filmmaker Morgan Neville is producing an untitled Mickey Mouse documentary from Tremolo Productions and Lincoln Square Productions for the streamer, one that will “work to decode Mickey’s deeper significance” and its cultural impact.
  • As part of an overall deal with production company Supper Club, Disney Plus has the following three projects in the works: docu-series “People & Places,” about  people who “embody the Disney ethos,” David Gelb-directed “Wolfgang,” about celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, and docu anthology series “Marvel 616,” about the culture of Marvel. “Community’s” Gillian Jacobs will direct the first episode of “Marvel 616,” focusing on the women of Marvel Comics.
  • Disney Plus has acquired the exclusive global streaming rights to National Geographic documentary “Science Fair,” which earned awards at Sundance, SXSW and the Emmys.

“Disney has a rich history in nonfiction storytelling that dates back to the 1940s,” said Disney Plus president of content and marketing Ricky Strauss. “The projects announced and showcased here today reflect Disney+’s commitment to building on Walt’s storytelling ethos and core values of creativity, innovation, and exploration.”

The Mouse had previously announced a number of nonfiction titles for the service in April, including Kristen Bell’s “Encore!”, Disney-inspired cooking competition show “Be Our Chef,” props and costumes anthology series “Cinema Relics: Iconic Art of the Movies,” and family-focused “(Re)Connect.”

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Staff and customers are evacuated from Manchester's Arndale centre

Police arrest ‘knifeman’ after staff and customers are evacuated from Manchester’s Arndale centre

Staff and customers have been evacuated from Manchester’s Arndale Centre, according to reports. 

Emergency response vehicles have been seen outside the shopping centre on social media, and it has been claimed people working at the centre were sent an alert. 

Greater Manchester Police said: ‘Police are currently responding to an incident at Manchester Arndale Centre.

Emergency services are currently responding to an incident at the Arndale Centre in Manchester city centre

‘There is not believed to be a wider threat to the community.

‘Follow our social media channels for further updates.’

Witnesses at the scene reported armed police in attendance and video footage sent also showed paramedics were there. 

North West Ambulance Service confirmed crews were called to the scene.

But a spokesman said there were no casualties or patients taken to hospital. 

More follows… 

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9pm Tottenham news LIVE: Kane ‘favours Madrid move’, Spurs Amazon doc, Coutinho ‘Premier League return’ – The Sun

SPURS will look to get their season back on track when they face Watford this Saturday.

It's been a tough campaign so far for Mauricio Pochettino – but former Spurs assistant Clive Allen has revealed his explosive encounter with ex-Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

Get all the latest Spurs news here…

  • TOTTENHAM have suffered a 2-0 defeat against Leicester.

    The visitors doubled their lead thanks to a strike from George Hirst.

  • SPURS are a goal down against Leicester!

  • SPURS striker Harry Kane has reportedly asked his agent to assess his options should he decide to leave the club.

    Reports in Spain via Sports Mole claim the 26-year-old favours a move to Real Madrid.

    They state that the England skipper is unhappy with Tottenham's start to the season.

    And they add that Spurs would want over £100million if they would ever sell their prized asset.

  • JERMAINE JENAS has branded former club Spurs a “shambles.”

    Tottenham have been terrible this season, failing to sign good players to improve their squad.

    And the current crop aren’t faring any better after losing last season’s Champions League final to Liverpool.

    Jenas told Express Sport: “You have a goalie who makes constant mistakes. The right-back situation is a joke.

    “They let Kieran Trippier leave. I don’t care what sort of season he had, he was injured the whole year.

    “Who at that football club had a part in it? They’ve allowed a top right-back to leave and left themselves with Serge Aurier who should not play again because he is a liability.

    “I watched Brighton and I said look at Erik Lame, Son Heung-Min, Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen, Eric Dier. All players who have been there for years. They have just gone stale.

    “When I was there, David Beckham came from LA Galaxy to train with us. Even things like that raise the level. Kane knows he is playing week in, week out. He is not being pushed, he needs someone snapping at his heels.

    “Spurs should be like Man City, who have got Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus pushing each other. They have all got to take the blame. Mauricio Pochettino has to take responsibility because he is sulking.

    “Then you look at Daniel Levy. He is on the NFL pitch thinking ‘brilliant, we are making loads of money’.

    “But the team is a mess, a shambles, and they probably won’t make top four, although I still think they’ll sort it out.”

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AT&T’s Ad-Tech Unit Xandr Buys Clypd To Help Place TV Commercials More Precisely

Xandr, the AT&T ad-technology unit, has purchased a new company that helps advertisers use data to place commercials in front of the audiences most likely to want to watch them

The AT&T division said Friday it had acquired clypd, a company that helps advertisers move forward in a growing desire by Madison Avenue to run ads in front of smaller niches of consumers who are most interested in the product being promoted. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

AT&T is counting on Xandr to develop data and technology that will draw more dollars from Madison Avenue to its WarnerMedia and DirecTV properties. WarnerMedia last Spring exited from an alliance between itself, Viacom, Fox Corp. and NBCUniversal called Open AP that defined audience niches for marketers. That company is moving forward into facilitating buys across the various owners.

Clypd’s technology is used by various TV programmers to serve relevant advertising in linear TV . Clypd also helps automate the purchase of ad inventory through private or open marketplaces.

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