Woman tired of shaving embraces full beard and straightens it to make it shiny

A woman proudly showed off her beard after learning accept her facial hair.

The 36-year-old, who goes by the name "Peekaboo Pumpkin" on TikTok, explained that she has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

The condition, which can be linked to hormonal problems, left excess hair around her chin.

But after years of removing her facial fuzz, the TikToker learned to love her "chin hair" and decided it let it grow into a full beard.

"Laser hair removal didn't work for it. It took me years to be in the place where my facial hair wouldn't bother me," she said in a comment.

In one video posted in October, Peekaboo Pumpkin went viral for showing how she "cut her beard off".

But instead of shaving it off completely, she used a pair of mini scissors to trim the beard.

After learning to love her beard, the TikToker started to take care of it more often – braiding it or even using straighteners to make it less "crusty".

In one clip, she divides her facial hair into sections and passes the straightener through so it appears long and neat.

Some of her fans praised for her decision to keep the beard.

One said: "Growing facial hair with PCOS is something you genuinely can't control. You're so confident and I'm proud that you are."

A second said she also suffers from PCOS, adding: "I wish I could grow this much. I just have patches on my neck and chin."

"Fair play to you girl, your confidence is amazing," a third wrote.

"I have PCOS and don't have confidence like you, keep shining."

The woman said she applied oil to her beard every day to keep a "shiny" texture so it "looks better".

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