Woman says rock that bikini body as she shows how easy it is to hide rolls

A woman is telling people to "rock that bikini body" as she's shown how easy it is to hide rolls and cover up imperfections in pictures.

Kim Britt has over 30,000 followers on her Instagram account, embracing reality, where she regularly shares body positive content.

She's trying to debunk myths about society's perception of beauty, and also creates content to show people how fake and misleading social media can be.

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In a recent post she showed just how easy it is to hide rolls by highlighting that social media only shows pictures of bodies at certain angles.

She posted two candid bikini snaps of herself which exposed her body in two completely different lights.

One showed her standing up looking super toned and lean, while the other showed her sitting down with her stomach looking fuller and more wobbly.

She captioned the picture: "Our bodies are meant to fold, flex, bend, stretch and change, depending on how we pose."

Kim decided to share the snaps as she confessed she once spent too much time focusing on the "unrealistic idea" of how a body should look.

She said happiness lies in knowing you don't have to look like women in the public eye in order to feel fulfilled.

Writing on Instagram, she said: "Long enough I had this unrealistic idea of how my body should look like in order to be happy and worthy, because I compared it with strangers on the internet and magazines.

"This did not only cost me much energy, it also took me joy at places I actually loved to be, such as the beach, because I focused on the wrong things in life."

She added: "So let me tell you, you are so much more than a body and your worth has nothing to do with your look!

"People don't love you because of how you look, they love you because you got a beautiful soul and so should you. That's what matters.

"Love yourself for what you are and not for what you look like and enjoy those summer days at the lake or sea side, rocking that bikini body, cause we all have one."

Since showing off her real bod, Kim has received a lot of kind messages from people on social media.

The post has been liked hundreds of times, and people have thanked her for shining a light on the issue.

One person said: "Well said."

A second commented: "So true," while a third added: "Really love your posts."


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