Woman left paralysed by love bite after steamy moment goes horribly wrong

An NHS doctor has left viewers feeling "afraid" after recalling a medical story of a woman who was paralysed after getting a love bite or "hickey" on her neck.

Love bites are hot or disgusting depending on who you ask, but Dr Karan Rajan shared a new reason to avoid them in a TikTok video he shared on his @dr.karanr channel.

In the clip, Dr Karan explains: "In 2011 a woman in New Zealand was watching TV when suddenly she noticed her arm became paralysed.

"When she was brought to a hospital doctors couldn't make sense of her symptoms until they saw this: a love bite on her neck.

"This hickey was sitting on her carotid artery, a big blood vessel that supplies the brain.

"When someone gets a hickey, the suction causes trauma to the surface blood vessels, often causing it to burst and leaving a bruise.

"The carotid artery lies close to the surface which is why you can feel a pulse in your neck."

He continues: "This violent hickey had likely caused trauma to the carotid artery resulting in turbulent blood flow and a clot to form.

"And this clot likely caused poor blood flow to the brain resulting in a stroke."

Dr Karan added: "Hickey-induced strokes are rare but there are at least three reported cases."

The video has been watched more than half a million times and people were horrified about the case, even though Dr Karan reassured people it was "very rare".

One user said: "I was already afraid of this why would you remind me?"

A second person commented: "My mum tells me this story every time I get a hickey telling me it can kill me."

Someone else shared: "I don't understand why you have got to show them my bf (now my husband) always made them in a private place, not on the neck."

A fourth asked: "Why do people bite the neck they aren't vampires are they?"

Dr Karan is also on Instagram and has a YouTube channel where he shares medical trivia and weird facts.

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