Watch The ‘Below Deck Med’ Crew Members Have The Funniest Reactions To Chef Mila’s Steak Scene

It feels safe to say that Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4’s chef sure has some, uh, interesting cooking techniques. And thanks to a new Below Deck Med after show clip, we get to see how two members of the Below Deck Med crew feel about Chef Mila’s steak scene. Yes, this is about that brief, albeit immediately infamous scene at the end of last Monday’s episode where Chef Mila Kolomeitseva picked up an uncooked steak, lifted it toward her face, and seemingly licked the slab of raw meat. You know, as one does. (Yes, that last sentence is dripping in sarcasm. And steak juice.)

As if that steak lick did not provide enough Below Deck Med content for viewers to chew on, Chef Mila apparently licked a raw steak while in the throes of food poisoning. And then, she cooked those steaks, reheated those steaks in the crew mess microwave, and served those steaks to paying charter guests. Now, there have been a lot of Below Deck Med and Below Deck galley shenanigans over the years, but this steak stuff may very well take the baking soda cake. Speaking of which, Chef Mila’s baking soda cake probably belongs on that shortlist, too.

Deckhands Jack Stirrup and Travis Michalzik sure seem to be as mystified by the steak lick move as the rest of us. In the aforementioned after show video, the Below Deck Med newbies watched the scene from the Season 4 premiere that prompted Bravo fans far and wide to hit the pause button and break out the magnifying glass, and then provided some excellent commentary. After they saw The Steak Moment, Jack asked an important question: “What’s she licking a raw steak for?”

“This is when she was sick,” Travis added. “Why is she licking? Was she, or was that blood and it just looked like she’s licking it?” Bless Travis for trying to come up with an explanation other than “she licked a raw steak.” Alas, Steak-umm’s Razor strikes again: It looked like she licked a raw steak because she licked a raw steak. As Jack put it, “No her tongue popped out, mate. It was like a f*cking little cat.”

Jack and Travis’s co-stars were as stunned by this scene as they were. While watching the episode, returning cast member Colin Macy-O’Toole tweeted, "Oh so THAT’S how you make steak…" And after a fan sent the clip to Season 4 bosun João Franco, he tweeted, "WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! She licks the steak!!!" You took the exclamation points right out of my mouth, João.

The Below Deck Med stars are not the only Bravolebrities who could not believe #steakgate. When a fan tweeted at Padma Lakshmi about the scene after the season premiere aired, the Top Chef host replied, "Absolutely no comment." Oh, what I would give to see Padma pull up along the Sirocco in a small tender, take out a megaphone, and tell Chef Mila to pack her knives and go.

And on that note, I sure could go for anything but a steak right about now.

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