US President Trump’s enormous entourage including special limousine ‘The Beast’

Donald Trump arrives in the UK today with his 1,000-strong entourage – costing the taxpayer a whopping £40million – and it includes a special limousine dubbed "The Beast".

An impenetrable ring of steel will be built around the US President after he lands at Stansted Airport in special Boeing aircraft – Air Force One.

Up to 10,000 police officers will be drafted into central London where large protests are feared.

An estimated 250,000 people marched against the politician last year, some of whom flew a huge Donald Trump blimp.

And it is expected to return again this week.

A "Milkshakes Against Trump" gathering in Trafalgar Square will also take place this week, it's understood.

However, Mirror Online here explores Mr Trump's enormous entourage.

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Air Force One: Boeing 747-200B

The two special Boeing 747-200B aircrafts are customised with four jet engines each, and hardened body masses.

The 70.7m (231ft 10 in) planes each features a suite for Mr Trump with an office, gym and conference room.

There is a medical facility, a dining room and lounge on each jet, which both have two floors.

The planes reach 630mph and can facilitate 26 crew members and 70 passengers.

There are also 85 onboard telephones.

'The Beast' – President's limousines

The President will travel in two stylish limousines – both identical – and these have been flown across ahead of the visit.

On the ground, the president travels in Cadillac One – a bullish, enhanced limousine dubbed "The Beast" for obvious reasons.

This will be accompanied by a spare decoy vehicle with the same Washington DC licence plate.

Both black cars have armour-plated bodies, bulletproof glass and steel plate underbellies.

The tyres have been reinforced and have steel rims.

Each limo weighs a whopping nine tonnes.

Marine One: Trump's helicopter

Marine One refers to Mr Trump's VH-3D Sea Kings or smaller VH-60N White Hawks.

The Sea King is five-metres tall and has a five-bladed main rotor.

It also has a five-bladed tail rotor and can cruise at 118 knots.

Up to 15 people can fit inside the chopper and again Marine One often flies in a group of identical helicopters acting as decoys.

The US Navy says the White Hawk is quicker – it can cruise at 160 knots – but can only hold 10 people.

Both rotors have four blades.

The Ospreys, capable of vertical landings and high-speed flight, were heard circling around London during President Trump's last visit to the UK in 2018.

Staff are also transported around in CH-46s Sea Knight helicopters.

British forces' aircraft will also be part of the operation.

Typically, police will lead a lengthy motorcade to transport Mr Trump.

He will then be behind officers in his limousine, which will then be followed in separate vehicles by in this order; secret service, aides and doctors, electronic defence, control and support, counter assault team, intelligence team, hazardous materials unit, press, rear guard, ambulances, satellite communication vehicles and further press.

Thousands of police

Up to 10,000 police officers will be drafted in to central London from forces across the country.

The Met Police's counter-terror officers – armed with semi-automatic weapons – will also be out in force.

The force said it will be "a multi-agency policing operation with a very experienced command team in place", and the cost, while still too early to say, would be "significant".

The planned protests will also require policing.

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