Trotting like a horse voted one of the daftest wellness trends of recent times

TROTTING around a room like a horse has been voted one of the daftest wellness trends of recent times.

Prancercise was a big neigh-neigh for those seeking ways to keep fit and chill out.

The workout — a “springy, rhythmic way of moving forward” like a horse — came sixth in a table of mocked trends.

Others included laughtercise — chuckling and giggling for no reason — and drinking cabbage soup for seven days.

Following a baby food diet came top.

The findings are from a poll for hotel chain TUI Blue of 2,000 people who admitted experimenting with a variety of wellness trends.

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A spokesman said: “Over half — 54 per cent — admitted feeling worse after trying a new fad.”

Of those who admitted going on a ‘wellness retreat’ in a bid to ‘de-stress’ – whether it be yoga, pilates, cold therapy or prancercise – 74 per cent said it was a ‘waste of time’.

Rather than jumping on the next ‘trend’, six-in-ten of those polled said ‘traditional’ ways to improve ‘wellness’ – like a walk on the beach, a night out with pals or cooking a nice meal – were better for us.

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