Then & wow, FEMAIL: Angela Bassett

Then & wow, FEMAIL unveil the women who look better now than ever: Angela Bassett

The women who look better now than ever before… 

FEMAIL uncovers the changing appearance of Angela Bassett. Pictured left: Age 45. Pictured right: Age 61

AGE 45

Back in 2004, the actress is hard to spot behind a pair of oval, lavender-tinted glasses, which swamp her delicate features. Her brows are unruly, while her sleeked-down hair makes her face look rounder than it is.

AGE 61 

Today, she looks every inch the Hollywood star, with a full head of glamorous corkscrew curls and flawless, glowing skin. The clever use of contouring and highlighter also help to exaggerate her striking cheekbones.

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