The Trinkets Soundtrack Perfectly Captures the Show's Indie, Moody Vibe

The Trinkets Soundtrack Perfectly Captures the Show’s Indie, Moody Vibe

Netflix’s latest teen drama, Trinkets, follows a trio of teenagers who meet in a support group for kleptomaniacs and instead find a common bond in enabling each other’s shoplifting problem. It’s not quite your typical teen drama, combining the usual coming of age and “finding your place” storylines with the quirky, dark humor of the shoplifting addiction angle. Given that, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that the soundtrack is a bit on the quirky side too. Packed with indie artists and tons of local bands from up and down the West Coast, the soundtrack captures the emotional ups and downs of the teenage experience and the particular quirks of this story. There’s a ton of music in the series; ahead, check out a selection of some of the best songs featured on Trinkets!

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