Tenant shares landlord’s strict list of rules banning guests, beer and cooking

A tenant has revealed the list of very strict rules her landlord has set out – which include a ban on guests and even cooking at night.

The bizarre Terms and Conditions document was shared on Facebook group 'awful roomates: roomates from hell' by Jessica Marteny.

Some Facebook users questioned whether the landlord was in fact renting out a prison cell rather than a room.

Included in the list of rules is no drinking of alcohol, no use of cars on the driveway, no cooking between 9:30pm and 6pm on weekdays and no use of heaters.

The rules start by stating tenants "must be quiet, clean and respectful of others at all times.

"This includes staying out of the other rooms, maintaining hygiene and not eating others' purchased food, i.e. being an adult."

Shockingly, the landlord also goes on to explain how "the property is under 24-hour surveillance" – even using infrared cameras to monitor it at night.

And should the tenants get cold, there's no chance of putting the heating on or turning up the thermostat – because that's banned too.

The rule states: "No space heaters! There are an electrical/fire hazard and due to insurance reasons are not permitted.

"Do not adjust the thermotsta. It is programmed at 68 degrees to keep the electric down due to being an older house.

"If you get cold you can get an extra blanket!".

Facebook users were horrified by the list of rules, with Mason Mike struggling to understand the 'no guest' rule.

He wrote: "The no guest rule really gets me. Imagine your family visiting you and wanting to see your new place and you get evicted immediately because of that."

Rachel McCoy added: "Some of these are reasonable or could have logical causes (no drinking or drugs for example, maybe a person in recovery and can't have them in the house).

"But the surveillance and no visitors means they are either paranoid, a criminal, or some combination, at least to me."

Another wrote: "Do. Not. Live. There. Pretty sure this guy's got at least one body in the basement.

"Sorry but if I wanna crack a White Claw and make a grilled cheese art 9:30pm with the window open, I'm gonna. Whhhat the actual f**** this is so creepy something is wrong here. Like, NO GUESTS? Sorry but noo thank you."

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