‘Teen Mom OG’ Premiere: Ryan Gets Arrested & Amber Feuds With Jenelle Evans

A lot of drama happened during the 2-hour season premiere of ‘Teen Mom OG’ on June 10, when Ryan landed in jail just days after leaving rehab, and Amber struggled with her mental health.

Teen Mom OG returned for its 10th anniversary season (but 9th overall) on June 10, and the 2-part premiere did not disappoint. Not only did Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell finally reunite after their brief 30-day separation, but Ryan Edwards also completed his 90-day rehab stay. However, his time at home was short-lived, after he was quickly arrested again after violating his probation. But before we get to that, let’s rehash what went down between Tyler and Catelynn.

After reuniting, Tyler and Catelynn readjusted to co-parenting as she started getting ready to move into their new house together. They also sat down for a serious talk, during which Catelynn told Tyler that she learned she doesn’t necessarily need him in her life. “I think it’s fair — you deserved time to just worry about yourself for once,” Catelynn, 27, told Tyler, also 27. “I think it was good for me, looking back at it now, realizing if he ends up wanting to divorce me, I guess, whatever. I’ll be sad but I don’t f***ing need you. I can do this on my own. If you were to leave, I could be a mom and be a badass mom and not even give a s***. I want you forever but I don’t need you.”

Tyler also visited his dad, Butch, in Austin, after hearing that Butch wasn’t really doing well in his recovery. Butch hasn’t yet picked a sponsor and is still smoking marijuana, so Tyler was a bit concerned about his dad, especially after paying for his recent rehab stay. However, Tyler seems to have created some healthy boundaries, and while he enjoyed his visit with Butch, he still returned home to Catelynn without panicking over his dad’s recovery.

Meanwhile, Ryan returned home to his wife Mackenzie after spending 90 days in rehab. But as we said earlier, his stay at home was short-lived because not too long after he went back home, Ryan was arrested for violating his probation. Apparently, he walked out on a $30 bar tab, and because of it, a judge threw him back in jail, where he was ordered to remain for three months. It was sad to see, especially because Mackenzie had already told Ryan that she didn’t want to go through having him be away for an extended amount of time again. And Maci had to break the news to their son, Bentley, which broke her heart — and his, as well. Mackenzie also walked out of a room when a producer asked her to explain why his arrest stemmed from an initial charge having something to do with heroin.

Later, Amber engaged in an online feud with former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, when she attacked Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, online, after hearing that he allegedly abused Jenelle. Amber and Jenelle went back and forth via Instagram, before Amber admitted that she regretted the way she lashed out and wanted to see a therapist to deal with her ongoing mental health struggles. It was the first time Amber had ever let cameras film her time with a therapist, so it was a really big deal for Amber. However, she knew that being raw and vulnerable on camera would help many people who continue to watch her story unfold. Amber also broke down in tears when her doctor told her that people with borderline personality disorder and those who are bipolar — if they don’t take the proper medication — they have a higher chance of committing suicide.

Finally, Cory and Cheyenne argued after she learned that he’s dating his Ex On The Beach co-star, whom she doesn’t want their daughter, Ryder, meeting. Cheyenne said she’d want to meet his girlfriend before letting her see Ryder. So that definitely caused some friction for these two. And Cory was later seen telling his friend that if he were to listen to the fans, he’d be dating Cheyenne, but he’s much happier with his current girlfriend right now.

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