Tattoo dad spills on family reactions to ink as mum thought he destroyed face

A dad who covered himself head-to-toe in tattoos admitted his mum didn’t approve of his unique artwork at first.

Remy’s tattoo journey garnered attention on social media and now has over 200,000 followers on his Instagram.

The dad, from Canada, has spent over 1,200 hours under the needle, with face and neck tattoos complemented by extreme ear piercings and facial modifications.

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And, speaking on the JustINKD YouTube channel, Remy admitted he rarely receives any criticism for his look in public, but accepted his mum hadn’t always been keen on her son’s transformation.

“The only thing that ever ruffled any feathers was when I first got my first face tattoo, my mother was a little annoyed,” he admitted.

“For her it was like I was destroying my face at the time or that I was limiting my future.

“But about a month after I got my first face tattoo, she softened a lot on the whole concept and it doesn’t bother her anymore, or if it does she’s over it, she’s moved on.

“If anything, my tattoos have helped me, not hurt me, with my life.”

Remy’s wife Seraphina has her own collection of tattoos, and the artist observed he never had any issues addressing the topic of his extreme look with his partner and son.

“In terms of my family, my son has never really known me any other way, so obviously he’s okay with my tattoos; he’s excited whenever I get new work done,” he explained.

“My wife has been a big supporter of my journey, of course when she met me I already had many many tattoos.

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“From there it was just [a realisation of] ‘of course he’s going to get more’, so that wasn’t a problem with her.”

Remy used to work as a chef, but now manages a tattoo studio, as well as hosting commentary videos on YouTube, where he analyses other fanatics’ artwork.

Recently, the Canadian released a video on The Black Alien project where he suggested trolls should the Frenchman alone despite his extreme transformation, which has seen him amputate two of his fingers.


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