Stray cat taken in by kind owner transforms into werewolf due to rare mutation

In recent months, we've seen a lot of incredible transformations.

So if you love cats, here's a before and after image we think you'll really appreciate.

Posting on Reddit, the owner told how they thought the kitten was sick before discovering his condition.

The user wrote on the page: "Got a stray kitten. Thought he was sick.

"Discovered he has a rare mutation called 'Lykoi' better known as werewolf cat.

"Transformation starts 2-4 weeks and finishes at 3-4 months. Here is month one of his transformation."

It didn't take long for fans to react to the post with it securing over 100 upvotes and dozens of comments.

In the first photo, the adorable little feline can be seen chilling on someone's lap with his beady eyes.

It shows how long is fur is as he comfortably sat on his female.

But when you look at the second image, you won't believe it's the same cat.

The second picture shows his fur quite short and he seemed quite reserved when he laid next to his owner's bag.

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In the comments, the owner later explained the cat's rare mutation that showed up in 2010.

They added: "Eventually they look like a tiny baby werewolf.

"He will lose the majority of his facial hair and they look similar to a werewolf.

"The mutation is really recent so there is a large disparity in how they end up but unique is certain."

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Since it was shared on the online forum a few days ago, many Reddit users rushed to comment on it.

One online user joked: "Make sure you keep him indoors around Halloween."

Another social media fan added: "That look in his eyes is freaking me out a bit. He's too cute!"

A third praised: "Please keep this going. I'm interested to see."

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