Shock romance for Bea and Finn in Neighbours?

Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) and Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) have been getting closer and closer ever since he moved into the Kennedys’ in Neighbours. Is she playing a very dangerous game?

Don’t look now Ned (Ben Hall), your worst nightmare is coming true.

Bea has never quite buried her feelings for Finn from the days when she knew him as Patrick, not that she realised until now. And despite everything that’s happened since then, things are about to get electric between them.

During a moment of sexual tension, the pair end up almost kissing, and Bea for one is left seriously confused by her feelings. She can’t still love the man who tried to murder her, can she?

They both struggle after their near kiss, but Susan and Karl try to help them make sense of it.

Finn wants to talk about it while Bea wants to pretend it didn’t happen. She’s almost horrified that she still cares for this man in this way, are her feelings getting too strong to handle?

She tells him she wants to forget all about it, he is the guy who tried to kill her after all. He’s disappointed, but understanding. He clearly wants things to go further. Will he try to make her change her mind? What will Ned have to say about that?!

Scenes air from Monday 3rd June at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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