Rosie Perez Shares Why Woody Harrelson & Wesley Snipes 'Pissed' Her Off at the Oscars

Them being "high off their asses" was only part of it

Rosie Perez is sharing some behind-the-scenes secrets behind the epic “White Man Can’t Jump” reunion with her co-stars Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes that went down at the 2022 Oscars.

While appearing on Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” the actress revealed Harrelson and Snipes were “high off their asses,” and explained why she was “pissed off at them” after they presented an award.

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“You were one of my favorite moments of the Oscars, just that scene of the reunion of the cast of ‘White Men Can’t Jump,’ that was really cool to see on stage,” Noah said to Perez, 57.

“I was pissed off at them though,” Perez replied jokingly. “‘Cause I just said to them, ‘I have a train, just pick it up … fluff it, let it go and let me walk out.'”

“They said, ‘OK.’ And then I see on the playback they were holding it the whole time, cracking up,'” she continued, as Noah burst into laughter. “And they were high off their asses.”

“I thought that was a joke, no?” Noah asked, to which Perez replied, “No!”

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In case you missed it, during the 2022 Oscars last month, Perez, Harrelson and Snipes hit the stage to present the award for Best Cinematography, with the day of the ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of “White Men Can’t Jump.”

“It’s just hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since ‘White Men Can’t Jump,'” said Perez as they got to the mic. “You mean 30 years since I proved they could,” cracked Harrelson, as Snipes quoted the movie by saying he still looked like “a slow white geeky chump to me.”

They then all started to joke about Harrelson being high — “Wish I hadn’t done that bong rip in the car,” he exclaimed — before they presented the Oscar, which was awarded to “Dune.”

And now it seems that Harrelson being stoned wasn’t a joke at all, making the moment even more hilarious.

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