Rich House, Poor House viewers teary as family of six lives on £80 a week: Its so sad

Rich House, Poor House couples in awe at each other's homes

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Rich House, Poor House was back on screens for a new episode tonight. It followed two families of different wealths as they temporarily swapped lifestyles.

The wealth divide has hit families with children the most, the show explained.

The most recent episode followed two families with four children each.

Viewers were introduced to the Goodale D’Amores family.

Johnny owned a construction firm while partner Gemma ran a successful accountancy.

This allowed the family, and their four children, to live in a million pound house in Peterborough.

In the episode, the Gordon family were also introduced.

The family of six lived in a three bedroom council house based in Bedford.

After dad Solomon lost his job as a care worker during the pandemic, they were surviving on universal credit.

Both families swapped lives for one week, living in each other’s homes with each other’s budget.

They both expressed their surprise as they adjusted to life at opposite ends of the wealth divide.

The Gordon family shared they had just £80.12 a week to spend after bills.

On the other hand, the Goodale D’Amores had £1,652.37 to spend a week.

As Gemma and Johnny tried to adapt to the smaller budget, they explained they found it difficult.

During a trip to a local convenience store, Gemma stated: “I found it really hard compared to Johnny, he was being more harsh.”

As the show went on, viewers took to social media to share their views.

One criticised the choice to spend the lower budget in a small store.

They wrote: “Why don’t the famlies in the ‘poor house’ shop at a supermarket? Local shops cost more.”

Another shared their sympathy, and said: “Watching Rich House Poor House always makes me a bit teary. Just shows that not all poor people are poor because they’re lazy, but because they just got dealt a s*** hand in life.”

One more agreed, posting: “I’m watching rich house vs poor house and it’s so sad.

“The poor people only have £50ish a week to spend on themselves and four kids. It makes me so sad.”

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