Quarantine Trends: Everything That's Gone Viral During the Pandemic

Baking Bread

As the world began to go on lockdown, everyone seemed to simultaneously adopt a new hobby: bread baking.

You couldn’t scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing sourdough starters, different takes on banana bread or the demand for yeast (which actually saw a shortage due to the new obsession). Though the trend has seemingly tapered off, the craving for carbs while staying close to home is still real.

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When real life started to feel overwhelming, gamers flocked to Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing to tend to their much happier virtual lives, filled with menial tasks like gardening and picking fruit. Stars like Awkwafina, Cole Sprouse and Elijah Wood can’t get enough, and it’s obvious why. The digital universe is a great respite from the pandemic, rare cases of brain-eating amoeba and other gems 2020 has decided to terrify us with.

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