Professional baby namer helps rich parents choose names for £22,000 each

Do you love helping friends and family decide on their favourite baby name?

Well, this woman has your dream job as she’s a professional baby namer – and her rates start at £1,146.

Taylor A. Humphrey, 33, from New York, founded her consultancy business What’s In A Baby Name to help rich couples find their dream moniker.

And, while she’ll create a bespoke list of options for just over a grand Taylor’s rates can grow depending on what you ask for.

For the princely sum of £7,600, the baby namer will find the perfect moniker that is “on-brand with a parent's business”, reports The New Yorker.

Taylor, who has no children of her own, explained: “If you look at the most popular baby names, it’s such a telltale sign of our cultural values and our aspirations.”

And, she’s helped parents to name over 100 babies just in the last year.

She also counsels parents through the whole process.

In one case, she talked a mum out of changing her baby’s name.

The parent had named her child Isla, but it was being mispronounced too often.

Taylor also helped a client whose baby is Lebanese and French, but will be raised in the USA to choose a name.

She helped come up with 50 names that could work for the parents and they selected her top choice – Chloe.

The baby namer, who also works as a Doula, even came up with the name Parks for a couple who first kissed in a town called Parker.

The professional has several methods for finding unique names such as looking at street signs and even film credits for inspiration.

Plus, Taylor checks trends on the social security database and notes names that drop in popularity due to negative connotations, brands and disasters.

She believes four letter names were popular 10 years ago due to a boom in apps that provide instant gratification.

But, now, she says longer names have boomed as people had more time in the pandemic to enjoy slowing down for leisure.

The baby namer started her passion in 2015 by sharing her favourite names and their meanings online.

She told The Sun: "I found there was a very high engagement considering how few followers I had.

"When I began posting on Instagram, people were coming to me about their love for names.

"I was always a name nerd, so I was very surprised there were a lot of us.”

She added: "People were messaging me and asking me what they should name their babies.

"I think there was something about seeing the lists and people would see their names and they would think that I could help them find names for their children that could go with the ones of the other kids they had.

"It was at that point when people were writing to me all the time. I was just so flattered and I was giving out the advice for free.”

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Eventually, she turned her passion into a business – with her highest rates reaching £22,000.

Taylor said: “I will take up to three clients a month at a lower price point.”

She also shares free baby name lists on Instagram and quizzes on her website.

Plus, lots of content is available on her TikTok account, @whatsinababynamedoula.

Taylor noted: “Ultimately, what it comes down to, is me guiding parents to find the perfect name for their children, and that's what makes me happy.”

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