Prince Charles ‘Attenborough tribute act’ hints he’s ‘getting a bit competitive’ with sons

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In the video, Charles introduced the project, which aims to help businesses work in a more sustainable manner. The 72-year-old spoke to the camera in a blue suit, with the light blue tie and pocket square.

What did a body language expert make of the video? Judi James claimed the Prince appears to be rivalling his sons William and Harry with this new project.

He also took some cues from David Attenborough for the video, she claims.

“We should be grateful Prince Charles decided to channel the style and manner of David Attenborough to deliver this message of sustainability here as the Greta Thunberg alternative might have been one step too far,” Judi told

“But, nevertheless this very new trait of royals mimicking the behaviours and communication methods of genuine global heroes that have authentic credentials and experience is looking dangerously like a way of leapfrogging to the top on the world stage.”

Charles is hardly the first royal to take inspiration from a-list icons, Judi said.

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She went on: “While his son Harry appears to be using the likes of Obama as his career role-model in the US, giving lectures, speeches and podcasts in the style of the ex-president and other A-list icons while also evoking Diana’s amazing, ground-breaking work by reminding us he is his ‘mother’s son’ Charles seems to be appearing here as an Attenborough tribute act, mimicking the signature slow, emphatic verbal delivery; the subtly agonized brow-steepling; the body-shudders to suggest passion and urgency and the loud, sweeping, important-sounding music in the background.

“It must be hard to find ways to impress your children and grand-children but the expressions of awe and wonder on little George, Charlotte and Louis’s faces (as well as William and Kate’s) when they got a surprise visit from Attenborough recently might not have gone unnoticed by Charles.

“Even his mother the Queen looked suspiciously like a fan when she hosted the great man for a recent TV programme.”

Is Prince Charles vying for the royal limelight with his sons as next in line to the British throne? Judi claimed maybe he is.

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“The cause is clearly a great one but Charles’s ownership of it hints he might just be getting a bit competitive with both his sons here, too.

“Both William and Harry have launched as very high-profile champions of important causes and both have used social media videos like this one to get their messages across.”

Prince William and Harry have both leant their voice to sustainability, with Harry appearing in his wife’s guest-edited issue of Vogue championing the issue.

William has also launched the Earthshot Prize, alongside David Attenborough, a global award focused on climate change.

Judi went on: “The name ‘Terra Carta’ hints heavily of historic, nation-changing ideas and the way that Charles put heavy tonal emphasis on the word ‘I’ in ‘I am launching’ slaps his personal seal of ownership all over it.”

However, Charles, like many of older age, has yet to get to grips with modern technology in video appearances.

She said: “Unlike his sons, Charles has yet to master the autocue and the skill of delivering from a scrip in a natural thinking-speaking style, but even the next king sounds happy to modify his delivery for the new world of social media, even slipping into a similar ‘estuary English’ as Harry when he pronounces ‘Into’ as ‘Inta’.”

Prince Charles and Camilla have been married since 2005.

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International dating and relationship coach Sami Wunder gave her view on the couple’s longevity.

“Now this is a couple that has collected a lot of negative publicity and yet when you look at their love there is something admirable about it, there is something that has stood the test of time,” Sami said.

“It is inspiring for everyone else to watch.”

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