People share the worst compliments they've ever received

You say it best, when you say nothing at all! People reveal the worst backhanded compliments they’ve ever received – from being told ‘you’re smart for a woman’ to being praised for having a ‘perfect colon’

  • Bored Panda collated terrible compliments given to people around the world 
  • Among the strange comments was a person being told they have a great colon
  • Another ‘compliment’ was received by a lady told she was ‘smart for a woman’

Ever felt down about yourself, feeling desperate for a compliment, but not receiving one?

Well, sometimes it can be better not to receive any flattery at all, as these bizarre and downright rude comments shared by people from around the world and collated by Bored Panda show.

Backhanded compliments include a lady who was told she was ‘smart…for a woman’, while another – who has pale skin because of a severe iron deficiency – was told they ‘looked more human than usual’.

Most of the worst offenders made a blunder when trying to be nice about someone’s physical appearance, including a man who told his date she had ‘eyes like a Jersey cow’ and then claimed that the said cows are ‘pretty foxy’.  

Some of the so-called compliments were more obscure, like a woman who was told she has a ‘perfect colon’ by a doctor after an examination.

Here, FEMAIL rounds up the worst compliments ever given… 

People from around the world have been sharing some of the worst ‘compliments’ they’ve ever received – some will leave you shocked (stock image) 








Many of the backhanded compliments were related to physical appearance, including a woman who was compared to a Jersey cow, and another who was told she looked ‘human’ for once . A disabled woman was told she was the prettiest person her admirer had ‘ever seen in a wheelchair’ 

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Being mistaken for a stripper or labelled weird or ‘an off-brand Energizer Bunny’ is not endearing to say the least  – not to mention being likened to a tin of beans 

Erm, thanks? It’s always good to know your body seems to be functioning well, as these people discovered during medical appointments 

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