People share the funniest notes they have been left by strangers

Take note! Hilarious snaps reveal the VERY passive aggressive messages left by people who hate confrontation

  • A compilation from Noteabley reveals some funnies passive aggressive notes 
  • One was from a man who told a waiter to stop staring so much at his wife
  • Another told their neighbour they could see straight into their bathroom window

Some people simply can’t stand confrontation – as these passive aggressive notes reveal. 

Social media users from around the world shared snaps of hilarious examples online and the very best were compiled in a gallery by Noteabley. 

The notes range from the furious – one man who left a note for a waiter telling him to stop staring at his wife – to the petty, like the office worker who left a series of notes asking their colleagues to clean up their dirty cups in the office kitchen. 

Here, FEMAIL rounds up a selection of the best notes left by strangers… 

Awkward! One man left a note for a waiter telling him to stop staring at his wife and that he should pay attention to both people sat at the table

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We can see you! In another hilarious note one American woman let their neighbor know they had installed their frosted window the wrong way round and that a group of local residents could see into their bathroom

Shh! One person, believed to be in the US, just did not buy into the Game of Thrones hype

Move it: This neighbor, believed to be from the US, left a note on a car asking if someone could move their vehicle further down the street

We have standards: This note left on a US office door encouraged employees to use a more classy font than Comic Sans if they are printing out notices

Passive aggressive: This fed up housemate left stickers saying ‘really?’ on mugs and cups that were left around the house

I’m off! This American office worker chose a very unique way to hand in their 2 weeks notice by drawing a dinosaur for their boss

Watch out: One angry resident left a note on someone’s car telling them that ‘Grumpy cat’ doesn’t like people parking in his spot and that next time they could be towed

Brutal: In another battle of the parking spaces one person left a note for their neighbour angrily telling them to stop blocking their driveway

Honest: This person desperately left a note for the traffic cops asking them to stop giving him tickets while his permit was on the way in the post 

Confusion: This man had rather dramatically roped off his green tea drinks so nobody would take them but another man called Dave thought it was his place to help himself

Harsh: One person left this warning on another local resident’s car telling them if they parked in their spot again they would vaseline their doorhandles

Whoops! In more car drama, this person left a note saying they had hit their car but drove away anyway because they ‘looked rich’

Leaving for good: In this very simple but brutal untitled resignation letter, one employee only wrote ‘I quit’ at the top of the paper

Sneaky! In this tag on an oven, one cheeky employee had left a note that said ‘my boss is a pr*** half way down the list of product information

Generous: This person left their neighbour a note and $50 dollars after their horse urinated on their car

Inventive: This person made use of the snow to tell someone living on their street that they should try to park better next time

Regrets: This person very honestly admitted that he had stolen a doorknob when he was on drugs because he thought it was a muffin

Joker: One clever person decided to get their own back on the traffic warden by placing several parking tickets on his dashboard so he had to find the right one

Poetic: One person chose to hand in their notice by writing on the bottom of a poem about ‘preparing your heart for loss’

Confession time: This very honest but frustrated man told his neighbour that his wife had hit his mailbox while trying to avoid a squirrel

Out the door: This person was clearly in a very playful mood when they handed their notice in by drawing a picture and writing ‘I’m a quitter’ above it

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