New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Signs Up For Prince Williams Climate Campaign

Prince William and Michael Bloomberg, a millionaire, businessman, and former New York mayor, decided to collaborate on handling the climate change problems. The British Prince launched the environmental initiative, Earthshot Prize, where Bloomberg serves as a Global Advisor to the winners.

The pair plan to provide 50 solutions to the environmental problems by 2030. Among the founder partners of the program are the Jack Ma Foundation, Bezos Earth Fund, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, and Bloomberg Philanthropies. “It is a new call to action to the world: to unleash and support a new generation of invention, innovation and entrepreneurship propelled by a shared sense of urgency to address the crisis at hand and optimism that humanity can achieve seemingly insurmountable goals,” is stated in the article written by Bloomberg and Prince William to USA Today.

Up to now, The Earthshot Prize has started a global search for 15 creative innovations to achieve five goals: to build a waste-free world, restore and protect nature, revive the oceans, fix the climate, cleaning the air. Additionally, the Prize Council is supervised by experts, including governments, grassroots organizations, individuals, and businesses. Each year, five winners will get $1.37 million, which means that within 10 years, there will be 50 solutions to solving environmental problems.

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No wonder Bloomberg is the Global Advisor. He’s the “UN special envoy for climate ambition and solutions.” Additionally, his company, a financial data global provider, Bloomberg LP, financially supported the project in 2019.

The two got inspired by the Moon Shot project organized by the former US president, John F Kennedy. In the USA Today, they wrote, “The race to put a man on the moon created new jobs, launched new companies and spurred technological innovations that have spread and improved lives all over the planet – long after the Moon Shot mission had been completed. The race to defeat climate change and protect the environment will be no different.”

The five winners of the projects will be announced next month, in London.

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