My son knows Im a nude model – he cringes but Im doing it for his future

A mum who's made more than £500,000 selling sexy snaps and videos on OnlyFans says she'd doing it to 'give her son a better life'.

Elaina St James, 55, quit her job to create content full-time on the platform.

And it seems like she's glad she didn't – as she's made around $630,000 (£524,000) in less than two years through the subscription website.

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Elaina says she's happier since ditching her day job and can now give her son a better life.

Talking to Business Insider, she said she has a "very close relationship" with her teenage son.

"He knows that I'm a nude model," she said, adding that he had "definitely" seen her Instagram and TikTok posts.

"He rolls his eyes and calls it cringey," she said.

In her thirties, the model worked in consumer-goods sales. However, she decided to step away from her career after having a baby at the age of 42. Instead, she began working in car sales and then in an office job.

However, she traded that all in during the pandemic after reading another article about a mum making OnlyFans content.

After a month of research, Elaina decided to create her Instagram page and OnlyFans accounts on April 1, 2021.

For the first two weeks she began posting photos and videos without her face.

However as soon as she went unmasked, she said her accounts started "exploding".

By the end of April, she had 10,000 Instagram followers and nearly to $2,000 (£1,662) in OnlyFans earnings.

In her second month, she then earned about $5,400 (£4,488), and in her third this rose to nearly $11,000 (£9,143). In her fourth month — July 2021 — she made around $22,000 (£18,286).

Elaina's earnings then rocketed towards the end of 2022, when she earned nearly $100,000 (£83,120) across November and December.

She quit her day job just two months after starting OnlyFans when she realised she could earn more money if she dedicated more of her time to modelling.

She now posts around one or two X-rated pictures a day on the site and on Fridays she posts a pre-recorded 10-minute "chat and flash" session, where she talks while taking her shirt off.

Her subscribers on the site pay $9.99 (£8.20) a month, with OnlyFans taking 20% of those earnings.

St James tried to market herself as a "mature dominatrix" that was "powerful, elegant, classy."

However she said her followers preferred her simply being herself: A "wholesome, funny, positive, smiling, a little quirky Midwest mum".

"I don't have the perfect body. I have a mom tummy. I have cellulite," she told Insider.

Elaina admits she's trying to rake in as much cash as she doesn't want to do the career forever.

"I would like to stop by age 65," she said,

"I'm not sure what the future holds though I would like to pivot to motivational speaking as I have many chapters to my life."

Her comments come after she previously slammed 'ageism' in the modelling industry, and said she was fed up of 'being called a granny'.


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