My parents named me after a spooky TV character — I grew up to look like her

A woman who claims her parents named her after a member of the Addams family says people always tell her she bares a likeness to the spooky TV character.

Wednesday Estes, who posts on TikTok as @wednesday.estes, recently revealed that she was named after Wednesday Addams as hype builds around the hit Netflix series, directed by Tim Burton.

In the clip, which has gained more than 3million views, she answered a series of questions about her name from a viral sound.

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She said: "I always get so many questions about my name. It is always a great conversation starter."

One of the questions asked: "What is the origin of your name?"

Estes responded by pointing to a picture of Christina Ricci's version of the character from the 1991 film 'The Adams Family'.

The film was based on a sitcom from the 1960s, which featured the same characters.

But the spooky family became a phenomenon in the 90s and continues to be the inspiration for Halloween costumes all over the world.

The most recent adaptation of the character Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, was released on November 23 and has been receiving international hype.

TikTok users have been recreating the dance scene and creating costumes and make-up looks too look like her.

But Estes followers claim she doesn't need to do anything to look like her namesake as she they took to the comments to marvel over the likeness.

One user wrote: "Oh my God, you look just like Wednesday from the Addams Family, is that you all grown up."

Another said: "You had to be named after the film character, if not, that is crazy how much you resemble her – you are beautiful."

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A third commented: "Names are a funny thing, my dad wanted to call me Emily Rose after the Exorcist."

"You even resemble Wednesday. So cute," a fourth said.

In the comments, Wednesday was also asked how she pronounces her name, to which she replied: "It’s pronounced after the day and Wednesday Addams."


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