Mum says baby is dead ringer for David Beckham after arriving with trendy hairdo

This baby was born a 'dead ringer' for David Beckham after arriving into the world with trendy long locks and natural highlights, his parents say.

Little Daisy Evans stunned mum Charlotte Evans and dad Lewis Evans after being born with quite the head of hair – complete with some 90s-era frosted tips.

Charlotte, 30, noted how similar her new daughter 's hair looked to football star Beckham – with hilarious photos of Daisy's long, dark brown locks and blonde streaks running through it as it's styled to the side.

The mum-of-four said her daughter's unusual hairdo became the talk of the hospital and one midwife even claimed she'd never seen anything like it in her 44-year career.

Charlotte had never seen the highlights on her three older children, but claims her brother, Jon Blower, 36, was born with highlights himself.

Now she's dubbed Daisy her own 'little David Beckham' for her naturally stylish barnet.

Charlotte, who lives in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, said: "She does look like she's got David Beckham hair.

"It's really cute. Thinking about it she really looks like him. She's my own little David Beckham, bless her.

"It's cute. Her dad has red [tipped] hair. We got a few comments about that too – saying she takes after her daddy.

"People have been saying they'd pay good money to get those highlights. They'd go to the salon and spend over £100 sometimes.

"When you've washed her hair, the highlights are really clear. When she's just had a bath it really shows up very clearly. But I suppose the rest of the time it's not so clear.

"It's true that you can really notice them all the time, but in particular when she's just had a bath.

"People have said they've never seen anything like it before. There was a midwife who had been working for 44 years and she said she'd never seen it before.

"There were midwives coming up from other floors who would say, 'this is the baby everyone has been talking about, I've been waiting to see her'. She was famous in the hospital.

"I've never, ever heard of it before in my life but apparently my brother was born with it 36 years ago. His wasn't through the whole hair – it was just the tips that were blonde.

"He had jet black hair and white ends to it. Obviously it runs in the family somehow."

Although the mum suspected her little girl would have hair from her scan photo, she never expected her to have long locks.

But it was only after her hair dried off a few hours after the birth that Charlotte noticed Daisy had been blessed with the highlights.

Charlotte said: "They don't know what it looks like in the baby scan. They say there's a little bit of fluff.

"But I thought she had hair because I was looking into scans while I was pregnant with her anyway and was studying up.

"You could see she had quite a lot of hair, but when she came out with that I was just like 'wow'.

"Once her hair dried off from the birth I noticed the highlights, so it was a couple of hours later.

"One of the midwives said, 'oh, she's got highlights in her hair'. I went, 'oh, has she?' I looked at her hair and there were loads.

"After a couple of days they came out clearer and started showing up more. They got lighter and lighter and now she's got a head of dark brown hair and highlights.

"I thought someone – some stupid person – would come up to me and go 'have you highlighted that baby's hair already?'.

"Because obviously I'm going to take my child out and spend £70 on highlighting her hair just so people notice."

Charlotte and her 33-year-old husband Lewis suspect that their daughter's hair will fade as she grows older, but don't know which colour it will become.

Charlotte said: "Daisy is very lucky, but she'll probably still hate it – you know what us women are like. She'll probably go, 'I don't like it, mum, I want to dye it'. We're never happy with what we've got.

"If we've got curly hair we want straight hair, if we've got straight hair we want curly hair so I imagine it will be no different with her.

"I'm thinking she'll grow out of the highlights. She'll either end up with blonde hair or mousy hair. One of them said they still have the highlights at two, another said it's gone a mousy brown colour and another has gone blonde.

"It could go either way at the moment. It looks like it's going a mousy brown colour but we'll see what she ends up with."

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