Mum makes a bust of her bum to promote body positivity for her daughters

Tina Brown, a mum-of-three from Hampshire, had self-esteem issues with her body after her third child, so when she was finally happy with the way she looked she wanted to celebrate it.

The 32-year-old was enjoying her body being back in shape so much that she wanted to immortalise her favourite body part – her bum.

Tina, from Winchester, got a life-size bust made out of it, in the hope that it would also help to promote body positivity for her children.

The trainee teacher had a cast made out of her bottom and turned it into a bust, paying £250 for the mould which is around 20 inches in height and weighs around 8kg.

She keeps it in her home and proudly exclaims, ‘that’s my bottom’ to amused guests.

They can’t miss it, it’s the giant gold thing in the bathroom.

Tina said she was happy with her body after getting back into shape and wanted to ‘seize’ the feeling, admitting that she knows at some point her bottom ‘will sag’.

‘My bottom has always been my favourite part of my body so that’s why I had it done,’ she said.

‘I’m in love with the cast and it’s a great reminder to always love myself whatever, which is something not enough women do.

‘My oldest daughter is 12 and with social media these days I wanted her to know that if you are happy with your body then why not promote your body image?

‘Social media is really quite damaging so it’s been good for her to see me promoting a positive body image.’

It has become a conversation starter with guests in her home who notice it straight away and Tina is always happy to tell the story of why she had it done.

‘I went out and bought a brand new pair of knickers for it – I hadn’t bought lace knickers for ages,’ she added.

‘I’m absolutely delighted with it, I joked with my husband that he could put it on his desk.

‘It’s something a bit more substantial than a photograph.’

The sculpture was created by life caster Laura Brunsdon who smoothed a casting gel on Tina’s bum before creating a support shell that covered it.

The shell was then removed and filled with casting stone and painted with a champagne gold effect.

The sculptor, who runs Laura’s Treasured Prints in Southampton said the entire process took about three months.

And the cast is so detailed, the goosebumps Tina felt from the cold casting gel are also visible on it.

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