Morrisons praised for giving out free period products in ‘Ask for Sandy’ scheme

Customers and social media users have praised Morrisons this week thanks to their latest initiative which helps to combat period poverty.

The supermarket is aiming to help anybody who needs sanitary products, but is unable to afford them.

Charities have seen a surge in period poverty in the UK during the coronavirus crisis with Bloody Good Period saying they’ve supplied six times the amount of products as pre-pandemic.

As part of Morrisons scheme all you need to do to get free sanitary wear is go to the front desk and “Ask for Sandy”.

You should then be offered appropriate items free of charge.

Shoppers were made aware of the campaign after a flyer was uploaded online.

It said: "Please don't feel shy.

“If you are in need or struggling for sanitary products go to our Customer Service Kiosk… and ask for a package that SANDY has left for you.

"You will be given a FREE discreet envelope with what you need, no questions asked.

"#letsendperiodpoverty #welovetohelp".

The news was praised after the country has seemingly woken up to the extent of period poverty facing women and girls in the UK.

Research has shown that one in 10 girls have at one point been unable to afford period products.

And, double that have used a less suitable form because they couldn’t pay for a more appropriate item for their needs.

One shopper said on Twitter: “What an amazing idea, let’s hope all supermarkets join.”

Another added: “Well done, Morrisons, little initiatives like can make a big difference.”

And, a third wrote: “Came across this last night; Absolutely amazing I think; More shops need to do this.

"I salute you my friends.”

Charity campaigners have been shedding light on the issue of period poverty for several years.

Activist Amika George launched her #FREEPERIODS campaign in 2017.

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And, it became apparent that the scale of the issue was larger than many had previously believed.

On January 1, the Chancellor announced that the tampon tax would be abolished.

The levy meant that sanitary products were marked as “luxury items” and had a 5% tax rate.

As of March 2021, the government finally announced that sanitary products would be available for free in schools.

However, activists urge for sanitary products to be made free for everybody as they are in Scotland.

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