Meghan Markle ‘is very different to Princess Diana in one crucial way’

Meghan Markle is "very different" to Princess Diana despite frequent comparisons made between the two, a royal commentator claims.

The Duchess of Sussex is "much readier for her role than Diana ever was", particularly when it comes to her maturity and drive, according to journalist Jennie Bond.

Meghan's commitment to charitable causes, along with her fashion style, has created an acknowledged resemblance between the two.

And when the Duke and Duchess announced their engagement, Prince Harry said his fiancee and late mother would have been "as thick as thieves".

But Bond, who spoke to Yahoo's The Royal Box, said their is a distinguishing difference between the two women.

She said: "She is being compared to Diana and I'm sorry that's not the case. She is a very different woman.

"Much more mature, much more knowing for her own role, and wishes and causes she wishes to espouse.

"She is much readier for her role than Diana ever was."

Ms Bond also warned the Duchess to avoid 'playing any games with the press' and to steer clear of courting a celebrity status.

She said: "That doesn't go down well with the public.

"And try to ignore she is getting quite a lot of flack from a lot of directions."

Royal expert Victoria Murphy told ITV that she believed Meghan and Harry are very clear about doing things their own way while respecting tradition.

She explained: "I think that we are going to see them in the future make decisions that they feel are right for them that maybe have been different from decisions that have gone before.

"I think it will definitely be important to Meghan that her influences remain strong for this baby."

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