Little girl grows up before your eyes in dad’s 10-year time-lapse video

Watch a girl go from zero to 10 in a matter of minutes: zero to 10 years, that is.

For a full decade, dad Dustin Bowen took a photo of his daughter, Julie, almost every day. The Louisiana native — now based in Danville, California — then transformed the photos into a six-minute time-lapse video depicting a fascinating montage of growth.

Bowen, 34, captured his baby girl’s photos between April 28, 2010 and April 28, 2020 — with the now-viral video marking the occasion of Julie’s 10th birthday.

“When [my wife Stephanie] was pregnant, I had the idea that once Julie was born, I wanted to take her picture every single day so when she was older she could go look back on any moment of her life,” Bowen wrote in a Facebook post. “Minus the rare picture that I forgot to take, I’ve been able to successfully capture her growing up day by day and am incredibly proud of the young lady that she has become.”

The one aspect that remains constant in the video is Julie’s blue eye color. Over the years, viewers see her baby face take a mature form. Other changes include Julie getting glasses — starting with a red pair, moving on to black frames, then settling on purple specs that have sparkles.

All the while, her hair goes from short to long — and sometimes is styled with bangs. It concludes with a side-by-side display of one of the very first photos and the most recent, which together resemble night and day.

Bowen adds that, even in Julie’s new decade, he’ll continue taking her photo until she balks at posing on a daily basis.

“Until then, I’ll cherish the routine that we’ve stuck with for over a decade,” he says.

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