Lionsgate+ Unveils International Trailer, Premiere Date for Spanish-language Original Series, ‘Nacho’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Lionsgate+, formerly known as Starzplay, has set March 3 as the premiere date of its darkly comic original series ‘Nacho’ across all Latin America.

The news comes as Atresplayer Premium in Spain has announced that “Nacho” will bow on its service on March 5 as an Atresplayer Premium Original, in other words an exclusive in Spain on the adventurous service whose recent Originals include “Cardo,” produced by Los Javis. 

Bowing its international trailer exclusively on Variety, the eight-episode series stars Martiño Rivas (“Cable Girls”) who plays the legendary Nacho Vidal whose notable physique makes him a star in Spain’s incipient porn industry in the ‘90s. 

“Proving his talents reach far beyond his most infamous 25 cm [9.8 inches], Nacho changed the rules of the game in the 1990s when he became an international superstar,” the synopsis goes.

Shot in Spain, “Nacho” tells the story of the people behind the country’s porn industry, which generates an estimated €500 million ($545 million)  per year.

The steamy trailer has Nacho narrating how he was born to a very religious family in Valencia. “So while my mother went to church, I found my own temple,” he says as the trailer shows him discarding his inhibitions as he establishes his identity and success in the industry.

“I always had the feeling I was a failure,” Nacho confesses in a voice-over, captured by the trailer. “You have a gift and you have to exploit it,” says Sara, the first love of his life, persuading him to perform with her in an on-stage sex show at Barcelona’s legendary Sala Bagdad.

Bold, naughty but nice, “Nacho” builds as a left-of-center edgy hymn to freedom, people’s liberty to carve out the lives they want to lead, pursuing their dreams, however unusual.

In addition to Rivas, the series also stars Maria De Nati (“El buen patron”), Andrés Velencoso (“Elite”), Pepa Charro (“The Ministry of Time”), Edu Soto (“Tu cara me suena”), Miriam Giovanelli (“Coronte”), Carmen Conesa (“Merlí. Sapere Aude”), Montse Guallar (“The Body”), Nancho Novo (“Amar es para siempre”), Albert Baró (“Merlí”), Marina Gatell (“Lalola”), Penélope Guerrero (“Sky Rojo”), Rubén Jiménez (Perímetro Zero), Juan Carlos Vellido (“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”), Paola Bontempi (“Lo que se avecina”) and Nuria Herrero (“Madres amor y vida”).

“Nacho” is executive produced by Teresa Fernández-Valdés, who also serves as the showrunner, and Ramón Campos.

Fernández-Valdés, Gema R. Neira, María José Rustarazo, Flora G. Villanueva and Diego Sotelo co-wrote the series while David Pinillos, Beatriz Sanchís and Eduardo Casanova directed.

“Nacho” is produced by Bambu Producciones, one of Spain’s biggest and pioneering production houses, behind “Grand Hotel” and “Velvet,” with associate producer La Claqueta (“The Endless Trench”).

Launched in 2018 and available in more than 63 countries, Lionsgate+ has, since 2021, been partnering with a production companies in Chile, France, Germany, India, Mexico and Spain to create local original content with international appeal. Last year, Lionsgate+ premiered four Spanish-language original series, putting it on track to again bow four series (including second seasons) in 2023. 

Past Lionsgate+ Spanish-language originals include “Express,” co-produced with The Mediapro Studio; Lucía Puenzo’s “Senorita 89” made with Fabula and Fremantle out of Mexico and with Season 2 now in production; Pablo Fendrik’s “El Refugio,” also with Fabula and Fremantle in Mexico; “Toda la Sangre,” co-produced with Spiral out of Mexico and “Yellow,” co-produced with The Immigrant in Mexico, set to air this year.

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