Influencer defies troll who made fat jibe and mocked no man will love you

Karina Irby has a legion of 1.2 million followers on Instagram, where she posts pictures that celebrate natural beauty.

But even though she tries to keep her page a positive place, trolls can’t resist judging her weight and battle with eczema.

The swimwear designer, from Australia, shared a hateful comment left on one of her bikini pictures recently.

It read: “No man could ever love you with damaged skin like that.

“Imagine your kids! Fat and crusty! Poor things wouldn’t even stand a chance.”

Disturbingly, the comment even urged Karina to take her own life, adding: “You should just end it all ASAP”.

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While many of us would struggle to receive such vile abuse on social media, Karina refuses to let it hold her back.

On Instagram, she defiantly stuck her tongue out as she showcased her curves in a bikini.

The 31-year-old influencer got her fiancé to take the snap, which rubbishes the troll’s comments that “no man will love her”.

Karina captioned the image: “NAME AND SHAME – I felt this was a good comment to share.

“Not necessarily to throw this person’s fake account under the bus, but to make a point that comments like this don’t affect me.”

Karina continued: “I want to show you that mean and hurtful words are simply just that… words.

“Please never let another persons unasked for, triggering remarks get under your skin. Stand tall and let your confidence embarrass them.

"I already have enough going on under my skin (literally) that there’s no room for more.

"I have such an amazing fiancé who loves and supports me, eczema and all.

“Your skin doesn’t define you.”

Karina’s post garnered more than 64,000 likes – and many fans left supportive messages.

One commenter wrote: “We love you. Keep being a queen.”

Another said: “While this ‘man’ and his kind make me sick to my stomach, YOU make me feel empowerment and joy and hope.

“Thank you so much for your honesty and openness and for not giving a f*** about d-bags like this guy.”

And a third added: “That’s how they feel about themselves! You are beautiful inside and out.”

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