Indian actor dies from COVID-19 after begging for help in video

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Rahul Vohra, an Indian actor and vlogger whose comedic Facebook and YouTube clips received tens of millions of views, has died from COVID-19 complications after posting a video critiquing India’s medical care. He was 35. 

“This [oxygen] is extremely valuable right now,” Vohra said in a video he recorded ahead of his May 9 death at a Delhi hospital. “Without it patients get giddy and suffer.”

Medical staff, he continued, barely respond to calls for help.

“You try and call out for the attendant, but they don’t come,” he said in the clip, Reuters reported. “They come in an hour’s time or more, and you have to manage in their absence somehow.”

Vohra’s wife of six months, Jyoti Tiwari, shared the footage to her Instagram account following his death.

“Justice for every Rahul,” she captioned the clip, which has been viewed more than 1.3 million times since being posted on Monday. “My Rahul has left us, everyone knows that but, no one knows how he left us,” she continued, according to a CNN translation, in a critique of the hospital where Rahul died. “I hope my husband will get justice.”

“I would have lived had I received better treatment. Yours, Irahul Vohra,” Vohra wrote in his prescient final Facebook post before succumbing to the novel virus, which is currently having a catastrophic surge of infections in the country. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Facebook page was reportedly tagged in the post. 

Vohra’s devastating story is tragically one of many to recently emerge from the latest horrific wave of the virus currently overwhelming the nation and its medical system. The country’s COVID-19 death toll recently rose to more than 250,000. Many experts, however, believe it is actually several times higher, as many victims are dying without a doctor or a death certificate. 

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