I think women who take maternity leave are lazy – and thousands agree with me

A mum who slammed women for taking maternity leave has gained a lot of support from thousands.

Jaelyn Cox bounced back to work after her pregnancy where she welcomed her second child last month.

The 29-year-old earns a lot of her money through OnlyFans so didn't want to lose much of it while she was off.

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She called certain women lazy, but it turns out a lot of people have her back on it.

Her message to new mums had been circulating online and many did think it was controversial.

However, thousands of supporters claimed her words were "absolutely correct".

One woman said: "That's a superpower, you go girl!"

Another added: "She needs to earn money, the baby is being cared for by both parents, no biggie.

"If she feels well enough to work it's her decision. Why don't people stop being so judgmental get a life?"

Other mums called her "brave" and "inspiring", while some shared their own experiences about returning to work.

A new parent recalled: "I went back to work after my son was born! I cut that cord then had to roll."

But the support for Jaelyn was met with backlash as many women said staying at home with the kids is a "tough job".

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One said: "Being a mum is a job. Mothers go back to work (taking care of their children) immediately without pay.

"How is this any different exactly as long as baby is taken care of?"

Another added: "Yeah I really regret staying home and creating an incredible bond with my child… not!"

Jaelyn didn't want to waste time sitting at home when she could be earning a fortune from her stripping job.

She returned to the gym in the second week as she claimed "dieting is a must after giving birth".

The mum went straight back to work against her boyfriend's wishes and encouraged other mums to do the same.

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She said previously: "It's important to not let being a mum take over your life.

"Every kid needs a happy mum and having a break from your kids is good thing.

"I think it's important to get back to your old life and back into a work routine.

"Sitting about the house and letting 'being a mum' take over your life is only going to make you depressed."

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