I spent £100k to look like Britney Spears but now people attack me in public

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    A man who forked out £100,000 on plastic surgeries to look like Britney Spears gave a terrifying insight into how his safety has been compromised as a result.

    Bryan Ray now arms himself with pepper spray and a taser gun at all times for protection in public.

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    In recent years he has been sexually harassed – with one man exposing his genitals, while a woman threatened to set him on fire inside a shopping centre.

    Another horrifying episode included a bloke banging on his hotel room door at 3am after spending the entire day following him.

    Now, in an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Bryan shared some of the eerie experiences.

    The first happened in 2017 after Bryan appeared in the media for his transformation and he was also in the public eye for a Channel 4 show called Plastic and Proud.

    Re-living what turned out to be a sickening incident in a department store with a friend, he said: “We were not there less than five minutes and this woman came up to me and I had no idea who she was.

    “She came two inches into my face and started screaming at me. She knew my name, my plastic surgeries and she referenced she recognised me from a reality TV show.

    “She told me I was full of plastic and I am nothing but plastic and she wanted to set me on fire and watch me melt.

    “She was screaming in the middle of the store around so many people and I was in complete shock. I remember just shaking, having a hard time breathing, having a full panic attack… luckily security came and escorted her off the property.

    “At that point I was so worked up I just turned to my friend and said I wanted to go home, I was in tears.”

    Bryan, who is from LA, said this was the sombre moment he was forced to accept that it wasn’t just online where he could be attacked.

    His plastic surgery journey to look like the Baby One More Time singer started when he got veneers aged 17.

    He went on to get two rhinoplasties, cheek facial implants, soft tissue and lip augmentation and an eyelid lift.

    And his aesthetic caused more unwanted attention one year after the shopping centre fright.

    Bryan was in Santa Barbara for a work trip when one morning he noticed a man glaring at him in Starbucks.

    She reflected: “It’s not uncommon for people to stare at me and give a double take. I understand my look is not something you see everyday and it may attract attention and people are curious.

    “Usually people will look for a few moments and they will turn away but he was laser focused on staring at me straight in the eyes.”

    Bryan left with his coffee, went to work and returned to his hotel room that night.

    But at 3am he was woken up by loud knocking on his door from a man claiming to be maintenance.

    He said: “I took a peep through the door and he was in regular clothing and had no gear so that raised a red flag.

    “I took another look through the peephole and saw his face and it was the same man I saw in Starbucks that morning who was staring.

    “Immediately my heart started racing and pounding. At this point he was getting agitated that I had not opened the door. He started rattling the door knob more aggressively and banging on the door telling me to open.

    “I was curled up in a corner of the room crying and I was so scared he was going to break down the door. It haunted me for months thinking about what this man had planned.”

    Bryan called to reception and the police soon arrived on the scene.

    CCTV footage later found the man had been following Bryan all day and he even went to reception claiming to be his father.

    He knew his age, name and enough information to persuade the employee to give him a room number.

    Bryan said: “I did get a restraining order and I faced him in court and it was really horrific because I had to relive the experience all over again.

    “I realised the lengths people will go to when they are not well and I really have to be aware and guarded because I don’t know if that will ever happen again but I do take protective measures.

    “To this day I check if people are following me when I am out and about and I carry pepper spray and taser with me.”

    And in 2019, Bryan was again targeted when he was simply walking his dog in LA.

    A man stopped him to say he knew about his plastic surgeries before following him home.

    Revealing what happened, Bryan said: “This man was getting closer and I didn’t want to overreact and start running but at the same time I was uncomfortable.

    “I just wanted to be home. I turned around and this man exposed himself, he had his pants down in broad daylight and he exposed his genitals to me.

    “He came very close and tried to put his genitals on me and I screamed. I went to reach for my pepper spray and this man ran away. Thank god he ran away. It was another situation where I thought I was in a safe environment. It was a form of sexual assault.”

    Bryan continues to have a big social media presence and he is refusing to hide away from the world.

    He wants to share her story to give hope to others who are picked on because of their appearance or beliefs.

    And in a defiant message, he said: “It’s a shame people will go to those lengths but I won't let them stop me preaching the truth and telling people they are not alone and telling them it’s OK to be different.

    “These situations are very real and very scary. We are all equal, there is no need for senseless violence and attacks. I don’t consider myself better than anyone in this world.

    “I consider myself a person like everyone else and I wake up and give it my best and I try to encourage and inspire the younger generation because I believe in change, and I believe things can and will change.

    “I want people to know I won’t stop, nobody will threaten or bully me into stopping because my community is strong, people like me are strong and we want the same thing most people want in this world, happiness and love.

    “We just want to be treated equally. I don’t want to be treated like a cartoon character or a fetish for people.

    “I am a real person with real feelings regardless of how people perceive me from my physical appearance.”


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