I reported my abusive partner, but I feel bad because he's my whole world

DEAR DEIDRE: BECAUSE I refused to go back to him, my other half body-slammed me into the floor.

I reported him and now he is on bail, but I feel so bad because he is my whole world.

Our relationship has been toxic for five years. I am a woman of 45 and he is 47.

I am not innocent, though. I wind him up to the point of things boiling over and that’s when he gets nasty.

I don’t look after myself like I did and I don’t look after the house as I should. It’s my fault.

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I feel so weak without him. One good day can make up for a week of bad days, so we are constantly drawn to one another.

My family hates him, though, for the way he treats me.

What’s your advice?

DEIDRE SAYS: It’s to get rid of him, I’m afraid. Anyone who loves you would not want to hurt you.

You don’t deserve to be treated like this. Nobody does.

Does he still look the same five years on? Does he look after the house? Why is it all down to you?

If this was your sister or best friend, you would be telling them they’re better off alone.

Next time he might seriously injure you, or worse.

Please read my support pack Abusive Partner, which I hope will convince you that you’re worth more.

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