I haven’t had sex with my boyfriend because he is anxious about losing his virginity

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM in a new relationship but we haven’t managed to have sex yet because my boyfriend got very anxious about what was going to be our first time.

I am 18, he is 19. We have been together for two months.

He couldn’t get an erection when we tried to have sex and he got stressed out.

This then made me anxious as I thought I was the problem in turning him on.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Stress, whatever causes it, is a passion killer as it blocks the sexual responses.

Best not make a big deal of the first time you are going to have intercourse.

Enjoy and explore one another, learning how to arouse and satisfy each other.

My e-leaflet First Time Sex explains, but as sex, kissing and touching can transmit the virus, I have to advise you to delay all that pleasurable exploration until risk-levels have dropped.

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