How to stop your buttons from gaping using this affordable household product

Now that we are getting back into the full swing of the 'new normal' with many of us returning to offices or stepping out to socialise more, we're reflecting on our wardrobes more than ever.

One of the worst things to happen when trying items on is when they don't fit exactly right, shirts being the main culprits.

You think you look great but then there's gaping and you're scared there might be an unwanted wardrobe malfunction, well, OK!'s Fashion Stylist and Writer Scott Wells has you covered for how to prevent this from happening with a super affordable household product.

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From safety pins to sewing up the area between button holes, it can be a tough task to get a shirt to fit right, but with this hidden trick, you'll be telling all your friends about it.

All you need for this is simply the shirt you're wanting to wear, scissors and double sided tape.

The tape can be bought from basically anywhere, your local supermarkets, post office or Amazon.

Before starting, button up the shirt and make sure you can slip it over your head easily.

Then lay it on a flat surface and open up the buttons where it gapes when you wear it.

Measure the gap between the two buttons on your shirt with the tape and cut it to fit the space.

After this, place the tape down between the buttons, making sure that the tape wont be visible when you place the other side of the shirt over it.

You then need to peel off the layer of white tape and carefully align the shirt with the button and gently press the fabric down on top of the tape.

The trick is to do this gently first so that if you need to adjust the fabric you can easily peel it off.

Once you’re happy with how the fabric is, pop the button through the hole.

Try it on and you’ll never have to worry about gaps or any embarrassing flashes.

You can also use this nifty trick with other items in your wardrobe such as dresses, fly's on trousers and even to keep rolled up sleeves in place.

Korbond Hemming Tape, Amazon, £2 here

Another trick you can use for this is Korbond's Hemming Tape which is commonly used to hem trousers (hence the name).

This product has glue on either side of the tape that melts when put under heat to secure the fabric in place.

All you have to do is follow the same steps as before but pop the shirt under the iron before buttoning up to keep it where it needs to be.

So the next time you're not liking how something is fitting, try out this quick and easy style hack that no one needs to know about.

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