How to save money on YOUR heating as energy prices soar – expert

Martin Lewis on how to protect yourself from the energy crisis

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Energy prices are due to soar over the winter months, potentially adding hundreds of pounds to household bills. Many Brits are worried they will struggle with these latest price hikes, but experts have shared with the best ways to combat these rising costs.

Why are energy prices rising?

There are several reasons for the price hikes, from the pandemic to supply issues.

A major factor has been the pandemic, as demand for gas has increased as economies start to reopen after Covid lockdowns.

Supplies from Russia also decreased last year fuelling further shortages.

Calmer weather in the UK meant energy generated from wind power dropped significantly.

How can you avoid the sting of new energy price hikes?

There will be no way to avoid the rise in energy prices this winter.

But experts from Ideal Heating have shared with the best ways to save money on your energy bills.

Set your boiler temperature to ‘E’

Most boilers will have an ‘E” on the temperature dial, (usually this is around a third of the way down the dial).

If you turn the dial to the ‘E’ setting, you will create the most amount of heat for the least amount of energy.

This can dramatically lower your cost with potentially no noticeable loss of heat.

Cut down on your lengthy showers

Reducing your shower time by just two minutes could help you save on your energy bills.

According to Which?, the average household would be £20 better off each year if everyone spent two minutes less in the shower.

So instead of spending seven minutes in the shower, try and aim for five minutes if you can.

Install a smart thermostat

Installing smart thermostats may seem like a faff, but they can significantly reduce your energy consumption to save you money.

Smart thermostats come with a whole host of energy-saving features to keep your boiler running at maximum efficiency.

They can give you full control over your heating and water, even when you’re not at home.

Up your energy efficiency with a system filter

When your heating systems aren’t running as efficiently as they can, this can lead to a higher household energy bill, as it costs more to run and maintain. 

Gas boilers can be affected by a build-up of black iron oxide which causes a lot of energy wastage, but you can protect against this by using an easy-to-install system filter.

System filters capture damaging debris and sludge and they fit next to your boiler or in your airing cupboard. 

They can be easily installed by the same gas engineers that check your boiler. 

Have your boiler serviced pronto

Inefficient boilers are expensive and they won’t heat your home to its full potential.

If you are looking to save on your energy bills you should book a service engineer to check on your heating system.

A boiler engineer will ensure your boiler is working as efficiently as it should.

They will also be able to alert you if you’re in any danger of a system failure because no one wants their boiler to break down over the winter.

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