How Michelle Pfeiffer Earns And Spends Her $250 Million Net Worth

Michelle Pfeiffer has always played challenging roles throughout her career with an air of vulnerability and beauty that has earned her critical and popular acclaim. Since her show-stealing performances in Grease 2 and Scarface in the early 1980s, Pfeiffer gained worldwide recognition that earned her Oscar-caliber roles. After a string of successful movies until the 1990s, she slowed down to take limited roles in movies and television shows. She has gained several accolades, including a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, Critics’ Choice Award, and LAFCA Award. Along with movies and television shows, the actress also began her business venture that is slowly gaining recognition and popularity.

From beginning her career in television commercials to starring in big-budget movies that grossed millions, Michelle Pfeiffer has built a $250 million empire through her hard work and struggle as an actress. Let’s take a look at how she earns and spends her net worth.

Earns: Television Commercials

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Michelle Pfeiffer grew up not far from Hollywood in Santa Ana, California; however, the actress did not dream about entering the world of cinema. Attending Golden West College with the hope to become a court reporter, she fell in love with acting after one year of college, as noted by Cheat Sheet. While appearing in minor television roles, the actress also became the face of Lux television commercials in 1979. Her sheer beauty and looks earned her thirty-second screen time on television. While the commercials didn’t pay as much as her acting roles, they helped her survive college and take acting lessons.

Spends: Real Estate

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Michelle Pfeiffer and her husband David E. Kelly love to spare no expense when buying properties. The couple has a sprawling real estate portfolio of properties they purchased in North America. In 2016, the couple purchased two homes in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood in Los Angeles for $15.85 million. Pfeiffer also owned a property in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada, where she spent $35 million to build a cabin retreat. According to Architectural Digest, Pfeiffer and her husband purchased a Mediterranean-style villa in 2020 for $22.5 million in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.

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Earns: Acting Career

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Being a part of big-budget movies, Michelle Pfeiffer earned millions in salary from her acting roles. For her starring role in Frankie and Johnny in 1991, she earned $3 million. The following year, she portrayed her iconic role of Catwoman in Batman Returns and also earned $3 million for the part. In 1995, her Oscar-nominated performance in Dangerous Minds earned her a $6 million paycheck. Her highest salary came in 1999 when she made a whopping $12 million for her role in the drama movie The Deep End Of The Ocean. In 2000, the actress was paid $10 million for What Lies Beneath, as stated by Celebrity Net Worth.

Spends: Clean Beauty Products

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When it comes to Hollywood’s views on aging, Michelle Pfeiffer turns away from the criticism about beauty standards for aging actresses. She sticks to using clean and natural beauty products from Sodashi that are safe and organic. The Australian brand has makeup and skincare products with a starting price of $65, with the highest being $165. As an actress who has aged gracefully, Pfeiffer likes to use products that are not hazardous to her skin. Along with her skincare products, an important essential in her make-up is a W3LL People Mascara that starts at $26.32.

Earns: Business Venture

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Long before natural perfumes were trending, Michelle Pfeiffer was creating fragrances from organic ingredients. Pfeiffer began creating perfumes when she stole roses from her neighbor’s garden as a little girl. In 2019, she set her hobby into motion by creating her fragrance line Henry Rose. The cruelty-free, hypoallergenic perfumes provide quality and safety together. Her genderless perfumes are creating a benchmark in the industry and shutting down people who refuse to introduce an organic fragrance that does not stick to a gender. As mentioned by Forbes, the actress launched another perfume in her lineup called Windows Down in April 2021 that has a starting price of $120.

Spends: Non-Profit Projects

A great actress and speaker, Michelle Pfeiffer, has always stood up for what is right. She has contributed to several charities, including the American Cancer Society, Alzheimer’s Association, and Small Steps Project. She ventured into the world of a non-profit organization when she became the voice of Environmental Working Group (EWG), a group that focuses on helping people lead healthier lives. She has supported the organization in uncovering the toxic elements used in everyday products and finding solutions to the problems.

From her stellar acting roles to establishing a successful business, Michelle Pfeiffer is iconic in every way. With her sprawling net worth, the actress likes to spread awareness by launching organic products and becoming the voice of non-profit organizations. While she has become an active businesswoman, Pfeiffer hasn’t taken a step back from acting yet. The actress will be next seen starring in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania that will release in 2023.

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