Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for October 4

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First impressions can be misleading. You might not take immediately to a new colleague but give it time. Be polite and honest in all professional dealings. Getting along with senior colleagues will be especially difficult when you need to make sure your feelings aren’t on show.


Change makes you nervous but you also know that some changes can be for the best. A choice must be made and this could pave the way to future success. What seemed like a dream come true could feel more like a nightmare. You hate having to make this kind of decision.


Don’t be in such a rush. There is a lot going on and a lot that you have to think about. If you are making a decision that is likely to affect the rest of your life, set some time aside to consider this more carefully. Avoid impetuous moves.


Someone who always appears as solid as a rock has some big worries on their mind. Inside they feel as if they are falling apart. Outwardly they will show no signs of this. You have always been intuitive. Trust your instincts if you sense you can offer someone some emotional support.


A senior colleague who was objectionable towards you in the past now seems to be more in the mood to support your ideas. Don’t question why. Just make the most of their change of heart while you can. If they ask you to share more information, this is when you should be wary.


A friend could do with a helping hand. You might feel obliged to offer yours even though you did have other things planned. It may even be that you just aren’t that keen on what they are asking of you. If you tell them you don’t mind doing them a favour, do you really mean it?


Everything appears to be normal on the surface but some people are very good at hiding their feelings including yourself. Underneath conversations there are some smouldering emotions. This could well be the calm before the storm. Be prepared for an argument to soon erupt.


Your boss is asking for ideas that are new and different. Most of the suggestions others are making are on similar lines to what has already been tried before. You aren’t likely to follow the crowd. Instead you will take this opportunity to express some of your original and untried thoughts and ideas.


The launch of a project or campaign gives you something new to get your teeth into. You can hardly stop yourself from jumping up and down in excitement. This is merely the beginning. There is a lot of work ahead. Stay calm and focused.


Someone in power who lacks experience, skills or dignity is about to make a big fool of themselves. If you happen to like this person you might step in and give a few discreet suggestions that save them from a big embarrassment.


Keep trying if you are trying to get someone close to open up to you. Don’t lose your temper. A sensitive issue needs sensitive handling. Persist in your efforts and today could mark a major breakthrough. Encourage others to be honest about their thoughts and feelings.


If discussing and agreeing on the details of a house sale or purchase, talks and meetings today will give you the distinct impression the end is at last in sight. Give some serious thought to an offer that is likely to provide you with new knowledge and experiences.

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