Homeless man completely transformed after haircut makes him look years younger

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A rough sleeper has undergone a drastic change in appearance after having a hair transformation from his childhood friend.

Barber Joshua Santiago helped his long-time pal Mario to regain confidence after reuniting with him on an occasion.

The pair had a "priceless conversation" and Joshua learned that Mario has been having some rough times while being homeless.

But that was all about to change as Mario accepted Joshua's offer to help him.

He said in a TikTok video: "Mario is a childhood friend of mine and he has been homeless for quite some time due to substance abuse.

"You never know what others are going through…"

The hairdresser shaved Mario's overgrown beard and trimmed his messy hair with a clipper before giving him a hair wash.

The buzz cut hair transformation gave Mario a complete new look and lifted a good few years off him.

Viewers were stunned to see Mario's physical change and they sent well wishes to him via Joshua's post.

One commented: "He's a handsome man. Keep us updated. So happy for Mario, blessings!"

A second wrote: "The pain in his eyes, Mario, we are rooting for you!"

"He's a beautiful man he needs another chance of life in this world," a third added. "I bet that's the best his scalp has felt in a long time! That shampoo looked soothing."

Some shared their stories of staying sober and clean from drugs, with one sharing that she will be 14 years clean and sober.

"Stay clean today, repeat tomorrow, I've been doing my best for six years, do it Mario," one added.

Joshua also offered rough sleepers free meals from time to time and just two weeks ago, he and his crew headed to Wendy's to buy meals for about 150 to 180 homeless persons.

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