Has Captain Sandy From 'Below Deck Med' Fired Any Crew Members?

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean has had her patience tested on more than one occasion on the show.

The seasoned captain has dealt with her share of crew members. From the highly experienced and professional to the completely green and even bumbling crew.

The Below Deck franchise is known for delivering drama on the high seas as the crew and charter guests venture into some of the most desirable and exotic locations throughout the world. So has Yawn been pushed to the point of firing someone? While Yawn hasn’t lowered the ax just yet, the new trailer points to someone possibly getting fired.

Could this person be the first one fired?

The cast has been very tight-lipped about whether or not anyone gets fired this season. But a little “detective work” and reading between lines point to the possibility that one person does indeed get fired.

In the trailer, several crew members seem to have drama, but one person appears to be extremely distraught–Chef Mila Kolomeitseva. She seems to argue a bit with chief stew Hannah Ferrier. However, she also complains about having her son witness two men kissing, which really frustrates deckhand Travis Michalzik. She is also filmed crying and saying she wanted to leave. Ultimately Yawn says to an unknown crew member, “Your position is now redundant. I’m going to have to let you go.”

While several crew members are seen possibly on the chopping block, Kolomeitseva is noticeably absent from all the fun Below Deck Med promos. So does Kolomeitseva get fired (or leave)? Or could viewers be in for another Below Deck season six where someone gets fired and someone leaves?

But these crew members are probably lucky to get another chance

A few other crew members may have been close to being fired under Yawn’s leadership. Ferrier was seriously in jeopardy of losing her job last season. She was distracted because of her romance with bosun Conrad Empson and it frustrated Yawn to no end.

Also, Empson equally frustrated Yawn. Thankfully for the chief stew and bosun, they broke up just in time to save their jobs. Yawn and Ferrier report they’ve since worked out their differences and look forward to working together this season.

Even Chef Adam Glick’s job was in jeopardy at one time

Chef Adam Glick really needed to prove himself after his first charter season with Yawn. In addition to going against a preference sheet and adding onions to a guest’s food (who specified he didn’t want them), he had a secret romance that interfered with his job.

Glick and deckhand Malia White met before joining the crew and started a romance. They didn’t tell the crew they were together, but problems bubbled to the surface when White caught feelings for bosun Wesley Walton.

A bizarre love triangle formed as White tried to decide who she liked more. Glick began to crack and it showed in his work. Eventually White chose Walton, which further exacerbated the situation. Thankfully for Glick, Yawn gave him another chance to redeem himself during the next season. He did so and more. Today Yawn is one of Glick’s biggest fans.

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