Hannah and Colin from 'Below Deck Med' Address Rumors That Chef Ben Will Return

Rumors that former Below Deck Mediterranean chef Ben Robinson will save the day on Sirocco have swirled for several weeks. The affable, skilled chef is a serious fan favorite and viewers have been speculating that he will swoop in (once again) and bring a five-star culinary experience back to yachting.

Fanning the rumor flames is also an image and video of Robinson leading up to season four. Months before the season set sail, an image taken in France of the new crew and Robinson surfaced. Plus, Robinson is seen wearing a Sirocco shirt in an Instagram video that has now been deleted.

While the crew certainly can’t reveal any spoilers, chief stew Hannah Ferrier and deckhand Colin Macy-O’Toole addressed the rumors during their video appearance on AfterBuzz TV It’s Bravo Betch! podcast. They ultimately answer the burning question everyone has been asking.

Rumors have been intense

Rumors started with an Instagram image posted by French restaurant, Le Plongeoirthat, which has since been deleted. The image shows the current cast and crew gathered at a dinner table along with Robinson.

During the first episode, Robinson playfully tweeted about the chef’s culinary skills (or lack thereof). Of course, his tweets sent fans into a frenzy asking if he was coming back. But he insisted he is not. “No, I’m just a fan, and they are my great friends,” he wrote. “congrats on a wicked premiere… Bonne chance mes amis….”

He also posted a (now deleted) video to Instagram wearing a Sirocco shirt too. Some sources thought this was the “gotcha” moment. Plus, images are also circulating of Robinson wearing the signature red shirt along with the rest of the new cast. Rumors intensified as viewers watched in horror as the current chef bumbled guest meals, licked a raw steak and made homophobic comments. The upcoming preview isn’t in the current chef’s favor either.

Colin and Hannah weigh in

Thankfully, Ferrier and Macy-O’Toole cut to the chase during their appearance on the video podcast. “So I filmed with Ben season one in Greece,” Ferrier says. “Ben was in Monaco and we were having a night out and I decided to invite him. I thought he’d like to meet the crew.” Ferrier gestures toward Macy-O’Toole.

Ferrier adds she and Robinson are pals off the show. Plus, Macy-O’Toole recalls a boat show in town at the time. “So he just reached out and wanted to have dinner with us to get to know everybody,” Macy-O’Toole adds.

But what about the big question: does Robinson return? Ferrier jokes about how eventually Captain Sandy Yawn just decides to do everything. “I’m frying a steak and driving a boat,” she laughs. And while the host continues to try to get Ferrier and Macy-O’Toole to crack (God love him), both crew members are pretty tough to read. But then Ferrier finally puts the rumors to rest. “Ben doesn’t replace Mila,” she says. “Sorry.”

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